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Last day in Chicago

The Chicago Band trip has come to an end. These five days have gone by very fast but have been extremely fun. Today, we started our morning by going up to the very top of the Sears tower. All 103 floors. The elevator got use from the bottom floor to the top floor in under a minute. We got a great view of the city and of Lake Michigan, and the overhanging observation decks gave a stomach turning veiw of Chicago. Next, we went to the Shed Aquarium and had a five hour block to explore. I have never seen an Aquarium this size and with such a wide variety of exhibits. After a few hours in the aquarium, me and Sophie went onto the front lawn and had a real Chicago style hot dog, which was probably the best hotdog I have ever had. It was loaded with relish, mustard, tomatoes, and half of a pickle.

To finish of the trip, the band spent the rest of the day on the Navy Pier, looking at shops and the view of Lake Michigan at the end of the Pier. Mr. Morford said we had to get popcorn at Garret, which is supposed to be the best popcorn in the world. i agree. The Navy Pier was a great way to end the trip. As the sun went down the lights in the city started turning on and we got an amazing veiw of the Chicago skyline at night. Tomorrow we are waking up bright and early to head back to Kansas, and hopefully it dousn't take us 12 hours to make it. Thank you to everybody who followed our blogs and helped us get to go on this trip.

Sam Hill at the Navy Pier Image

The Chicago skyline from Navy Pier Image

March 16, 2010

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