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The Field Museum and the Blue Man Group

Today was a busy day for the DHS band in Chicago. We started out our day a little later than yesterday and had our first trip into the actual city of Chicago. I could keep my eyes away from the windows as we came up on the sky line nad I got a lot of good pictures of the buildings as we drove through the city. We got to the Field Museum and started unloading the percussion truck with the strong wind from the lake at our backs, which made some of the unloading difficult. Once inside the massive main hall, we were reminded how much our sound will echo, and that their was a decible level that we couldn't go over. I don't know why. But we ended up going over it a couple times and didn't get kicked out. We actualy sounded pretty good for playing in a huge stone room and we got a lot of compliments. One women approched me and a few other people after we had played and said that she almost cried. She had heared on the news that schools were being cut accrossed kansas and she thought that our band programe was being cut. It broke her heart to see such an amazing group have to be cut. But we corrected her and said that our school was not one of the ones being closed which gave her some relief.

After we left the Field Museum, we got to see the Blue Man Group from the first three rows. The show was amazing, even though nobody got covered in paint. They did everything from pulling a person out of the crowed and embarassing them on stage to making a marchmallow skupture with their mouths. They played some great music with sticks and pipes and the assistance of a live band. The show ended with everybody pulling roles of toilet through the crowed with strob lights and techno music. It was a very full day. We got a picture with one of the Blue Men Image

March 14, 2010

Ry's Blog


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