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Northwestern University and half a chicken

Today was the first offical day of our Chicago trip. I ended up skipping the moring workout because I was feeling lazy at five in the morning. We started off the day by going to the Northwestern University School of Music to get a clinic from one of their top band director. He was a funny guy. I think our band was kind of intimidated by how fast he was trying to go through the clinic. He also made some kids play by themselves, which was very hard to do in front of the whole band and this new high level band director. But overall I think we did a good job, since he did say we had an above average skill level.

We had a grand old time at dinner going to the Medieval Times restaurant. We were served tomato soup, garlic bread, and pretty much half of a chicken for dinner... with no fork or spoon. We had to eat it all with our hands. It really added to the experience of watching knights sword fight in the middle of a sand filled arena. The whole think made me want to hope on a horse and fight with a sword myself. It was epic.

March 13, 2010

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