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Today was a really, really long day that was packed full of different Chicago experiences. But first things first, my camera ran off with my roommate so I'll try to get pictures up later. Today my room had an alarm malfunction. The clock was on auto change for daylight savings, and we didn't know that, and set the alarm an hour early to compensate for the change. So instead of getting up at 6:45 our room was up at 5:45 before we realized the mistake. The sad thing is, we weren't the only ones... After breakfast, we went straight to the Field Museum of Natural History for our concert. There was a decibal limit placed on us, and we almost broke it in our warm-up... what can I say, we like playing loudly... After the concert for both bands, the entire 100+ people of the trip were set loose into the museum (in groups of three or more of course). Some of the exibits I had time to see were the Mammoth Exibit, The Encient Egyptian Mummies, The Hall of Gems, Life of an African Family, Evolution, and of course, Sue the T-Rex. We were there for hours! By the end everyone's feet were hurting. Next we were whisked off to Giordanp's Pizza for some authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! But by far the coolest part of today was our tickets to the Blue Man Group. According to one student, "The show was amazing, one of the best I've ever seen!" That pretty much speaks for everyone here. Many bought t-shirts and a few lucky student got pieces of the show with Blue Man paint of them. We finally made it back to the hotel with time to spare tonight... for a change... and many students decided to go swimming, or simply go to sleep early.

March 14, 2010

Becca's Blog


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