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What A Day

So today we started bright and early. Many of the students were up at 6am to get ready for our clinic st Chicago Northwestern University. Both bands worked for about an hour on the different songs for our concert tomorrow with one of the University's directors. We learned a lot about our music. We can't wait to preform tomorrow! After the clinics we walked over the the Campus Student Center for lunch. Since it was a Spring Break, most of the cafeteria wasn't open, so we had the choice of pizza, stir fry, or something from the market in the Center. We had a ton of fun after lunch because we had about a hour to relax before our next adventure, but many of us could't wait. A group decided to explore the shore of Lake Michigan, even though it was FREEZING!!! The guys I was with played a game by standing right by the rocks or breaker and tried to jump out of the way before they got wet... It didn't work out to well... Next we had some free time to explore the Woodfield Mall. I was scared of getting lost because there were technically three levels but overlapped in a split level type of set up with random ramps and stairs leading everywhere. We all finally made it back to the bus with the purchases and went to dinner at Medieval Times. That was tons of fun where we weren't yelled at for eating with our hand or being to loud. Even on the bus there were still yells of, "RED KNIGHT!!!" Image Overall there were no problems at all today! Everything went as smoothly as could be and we even found out that Mr. Freeman is magically drawn to band rooms whether he knows where they are or not...

March 13, 2010

Becca's Blog


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