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March 18, 2010


Sorry I didn't get around to blogging... we were so busy and by the time I could, I was really tired and ended up falling asleep... opps! We anyways, wrapping up the last few days, the aquarium was alot of ...

March 15, 2010

Free Time for once!

So yet again, I'll try to get pictures up later, I just got done with a run and left my camera upstairs. Anyways, today we didn't have any preformance, it was just a fun day. We were able to sleep ...

March 14, 2010


This one is of both band out in front of the Field Museum before our concert. Here's one of the students posing with a statue. Blue Man Group!

March 14, 2010

Busy, Busy

Today was a really, really long day that was packed full of different Chicago experiences. But first things first, my camera ran off with my roommate so I'll try to get pictures up later. Today my room had an alarm ...

March 13, 2010

What A Day

So today we started bright and early. Many of the students were up at 6am to get ready for our clinic st Chicago Northwestern University. Both bands worked for about an hour on the different songs for our concert tomorrow ...

March 12, 2010

Well how did that happen?

In some strange way our very talented band turned an 8 hour bus trip into a 12 hour bus trip. En route to Chicago we managed to leave the school a good half an hour late, we got lost on ...

March 12, 2010

Finally! (In a sing song voice of course!)

Well, I'm really excited the trip is finally here. It's pretty much all that has been getting me through these last few days of school. Of course, I'm one of the biggest procrastinators EVER and left my packing until 2 ...