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Growing up in Desoto

I resently read the article about planting trees in the down town area, it got me thinking about growing up in Desoto. I remember that the only thing to do on a week end night was to sit on the Wall, or make U-Turns on main street all night. It really wasn't a bad town, just not much for the young kids to do. I wonder if the kids still complain about not having anything to do on a Friday or Satuday night. The Wall was located right next to the Police Station, of course that was remodeled from the old gas station, and when i say remodeled i mean the bath room was the jail. Times were not to bad when we had Desoto Police, but then came the bad Johnson County Police. They would hassle the youngsters anytime they could, I was pulled over many times returning from the Drive-IN movies in Olathe simply because it was after Ten P.M. I had a chance to visit Desoto in November 2008 when my little brother past away, my self and my older brother made a trip to the Wagon Wheel, they used to call it the Silver Wheel. I was disapointed to find out that the Dew Drop Inn wasn't there anymore. but i was pleased to see that the old House at the end of the block where i used to spend the night with Pat Willis was still there. I was saddened to here that the Coker Brothers past away, I used to make a little spending money sacking Groceries at the store. There comes a time in everyones life that they may take a little time to reflect on the past, some times were alright in Desoto some not so good. I can't remember most of the people i went to school with, i wish i could. Some times i try to think of the Senior Girl that took me to her Prom when i was in the ninth grade but all i remember is her first name and that she had a 56 Chevy and that i felt pretty good that night. I guess its better that you don't remember every thing, that keeps you from thinking you might have let the best get away. To all of you that stayed in Desoto I hope your life turned out the way you thought it would and yes i think you should plant trees on main street.


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