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Weather Watch

How the heat index works

June 24, 2009

The bulk of the extended forecast is calling for more hot weather with the heat index in well over 100°, but what exactly is the heat index?


Growing up in Desoto

June 17, 2009

Life isn't always what you plan but hopfully it turns out alright.

softball fan

Disappointed in reporting

April 24, 2009

The April 23,2009 "Sports Briefs" noted only that DeSoto softball lost 2 games at Paola. There was no mention of the sweep by the Wildcats at Wellsville last Thursday. Those young ladies deserve to have their victories celebrated. I noticed that the baseball team had complete coverage.



January 23, 2009

Your article on prescription drug abuse. When the drug store in your home town where you used to work as a kid does away with the soda fountain and sells only drugs, you know your town your whole socity is in deep doo dooo. The osteopath who has swallowed up realestate around my home town, Drexel, and has a pharmacy (sellling nothing but drugs), is making millions. I reacall as a youth, his selling me diet pills and didn't tell me that they contain amphetamines. This man and thousands like him are getting fat wallets, pious attitudes, and making zombies, drug addict out of millions. When will they sit with a patient and look them in the eye, tell them they must change life styles, diets, stop smoking, drinking, get out and away from t..v. They won't because they're making too much money off damaging people w/drugs.