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Eilert wins Johnson County Commission Chair race

Good for Ed! Seems Surbaugh has made a career out of her position! Let's get some new blood on the board and get rid of these career politicians!

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Clearview City man arrested on child pornography charges

Scumbag! People like this should simply be executed!

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Zoellner resigns from USD 232, takes top job in Louisburg

No communication by Dr. Zoellner was obviously paramount to her career here, as her actions show she is a one person show. Playing on both sides of the fence no longer worked for her.

Now Mr. Clark you may have continued respect for Dr. Zoellner but now you and the other school board members can obviously understand how most of what the parents and teachers in this district felt like. Retaliation and rampant disregard for due respect across the lower ranks is very disturbing. The treatment the teachers in this district received can now be clearly understood and why alot of teacher turnover occured in the past several years. By the way I do not work in the district in case you may be wondering. However I am one of those so called silent majority voters who choose to vote each election. Keep that in mind as I will be watching a lot more closely as the next administrators are chosen for consideration. I sincerley hope Louisburg can afford the turnover rates?

Unfortunately a majority of the school board members appear to have been left in the dark by Dr. Zoellner. You can bet as a patron of this district the next administrators better be held accountable for their actions. I am sure this is a hard lesson in the district for everyone can learn from. I just regret a large turnover rate of very qualified caring teachers have left this district and now I know why.

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