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Teammates share one last milestone as five sign to play college football

I apologize for missing my quotes from Chris initially. It was such a chaotic afternoon that my notes got a little tangled up, I've included more from him now.

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Man arrested in De Soto pleads not guilty to multiple charges of burglary and theft

I apologize, I'd meant to change the headline before I published the post to reflect his arrest in De Soto, not his residence in De Soto. Thanks for bringing to my attention.

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Kansas Democrats say GOP legislators not focused on economy

The stories from Scott Rothschild are articles from the Lawrence Journal-World, the Explorer's sister newspaper, he is the statehouse reporter for the LJW. Because we don't have a political reporter on staff for the Explorer, we're too small for that, we've been including some of Scott's stories so that the people of De Soto can stay in the loop with Kansas politics.

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Altercation leads to one arrest, one sent to hospital

As stated in the article, all information came from the arrest report. The victim of the alleged crime is not named because it is the policy of the De Soto Explorer and the Johnson County Sheriff's Department to not release the names of victims of violent crimes.

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Deputies honored for rescue efforts of De Soto boy

It's fixed, thanks for pointing that out. Being a one-person operation I have to self-edit and sometimes little things like that fall through the cracks.

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Altercation in De Soto bar leads to felony car stop on K-10

The report from the sheriff's department lists the call as coming from the 9100 block of Lexington Avenue, it does not name the specific location.

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This post is written by Dorothy Nalley each week. She spends a great deal of time working on these pieces and I simply transcribe them and post them on this website. When it says "posted by Laura Herring" all that means is I was the one who uploaded the column to the site, not that I wrote it.

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De Soto Days Parade -- 07/10/10 at De Soto

Sorry for the mistake Alesa, it's changed now. Thanks for checking on me.

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Tax increases in effect July 1st

I'm brand-new here and still trying to get a feel for De Soto and Kansas in general so I don't know a lot about the taxes here. What are the school district taxes and have they gone up a lot recently? In what other areas do you have really high taxes?

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