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Board continues search for new superintendent

As a USD232 staff member of 15-plus-years. I've worked under three Superintendants. I am responding to LuceoNonUro1's concern. As one in the trenches I applaud our new and improved BOE. They're doing a great job rebuilding the trust we haven't had here for too long. We now have transparency to the community and the fear-factor of speaking up for ourselves and those we serve is dissolving. Talk to staff. Do your homework. Attend a board meeting. Most importantly - beware those who poison the well. We now feel safe talking to Dr. Wimmer, our building principals, and BOE without fear of retribution. As to your comments, FACT: no TEACHERS have been laid off. We have lost some through attrition - resignation and retirement. Yes, other staff cuts will be made. Some in areas too fat for too long, some in areas we took for granted, but all painful because of the FACES attached to them. Regardless of who or why these are tough decisions the BOE must make because the well of tax money from the State has been shut off. Cuts must and will be made. The BOE understands that EDUCATORS are critical and must be last. Not one of us, including BOE, likes putting people out of work. As for paying "two superintendants" for one year, again, you are misinformed. Dr. Wimmer, a man I have found to both listen and act on concerns will, most-likely, step down quickly once the superintendant-elect is brought up to speed and a seamless transition is established, common practice in many districts. Good sense given the state of our economy and the importance of our goal: Providing a safe environment and quality education to our students as creatively as we can with whatever we have to work with. I hope I get the privilege of helping our district lead Kansas in doing this but if not, there will be no hard feelings and a whole lot of cheering from the sidelines.

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Letter: Take action against negligent pet owners

I agree whole-heartedly! I lost count of how many times we called City Hall about a couple of neighbors' dogs running free or constant barking. This after nicely asking the neighbors first to please take care of the problem. No action taken by the city - ever. The one neighbor has more dogs than our city ordinance allows and lets them travel at will and do their business in everyones' yards. The other neighbor actually found a new home for their pooch after the rest of the block dealt with months of listening to the poor dog barking incessantly - from lack of attention. The poor thing was a hunting breed and just doing what it was born to do - tree something and bark until its master came to get it. They have another dog now. Another lonely dog. When will some people get it that pets require, and deserve, responsible care and real attention? When will these pet owners respect the property and peace of their neighbors? When will the city stand behind the ordinances they dictate? I'm not holding my breath for answers.

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