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Council votes to vacate Right-of-Way, hears public comment on bike ban repeal

OMG I just heard this from a resident who lives along the 83rd. corridor. You people in the Desoto City Council are nuts! I have driven this road for years and cannot even count how many near misses I have had with bikes before the ban was in place.

Now I hear some moron(s) decided that lowering the speed limit to 35mph from 45mph will be safer? That has to be the most stupid and irrational decision ever made.

Got news for you Desoto, if you think you have gained economic spending from bikes say goodbye to me and my gas tank.

Although the funeral chapel is along the way on Lexington Avenue I'll now assume it was a bicyclist that got creamed and sending more business to the the funeral folks will help Desoto become the "gas" station to one's eternal and final destination.

BTW it is well known vehicle traffic going from or into Desoto speed trap. So one might assume the underllying motive for all this is to generate revenue by extending the speed trap.

I hope Med-Act and the Fire Department has enough body bags. This is so stupid there should be a petition for a recall election!

October 14, 2011 at 2:32 p.m. ( | suggest removal )