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Kansas Democrats say GOP legislators not focused on economy

Tick-Tock Tea Party! You're hearing the time pass away for YOUR time in office!

Kansas knuckle-heads may have voted you in thinking it was a GOOD thing, but now that they've seen you in action, are probably realizing that they MAY have been better off with the do-nothing Democrats!

What this country REALLY needs, is a CREDIBLE third party that puts the interests of the PEOPLE first, is OK with asking the "SUPER-ULTRA" rich to chip in their fair share (Hey Dems: "Super-Ultra" rich is NOT $250K!), puts FAIR restrictions and taxes on Corporations (Hey Corps: threatening to leave the country? How about: "Leave the country, and come under tax AND sales regulation?).

This country is TOO good to have any one special interest control it, or subject us to pork barrell spending. KANSAS: Teacher Unions are controlling the state? What about Fire and Police unions? "They're too important to regulate?" How about: "They're putting more idiot "Sarah Palins" on the street, and we can't afford NOT to pay them a fair wage and let them have collective bargaining!"

It seems that instead of treating "White Collar - Private Sector" employees fairly, the right wing wants to treat the Public Sector employee just as poorly! (Hey Public Sector: Remember when you guys didn't make a clamor when the Private Sector was being treated poorly and laid off?" It's coming back to bite you in the butt...isn't it?

Pretty soon, we're gonna go back to indentured servitude, and need one of those good ol' "Egyptian uprisings" to get our rights back!

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