Mike Yoder

Mike Yoder is a photographer with the Lawrence Journal-World.

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Kansas defensive coordinator Clint Bowen, who took over as interim head coach until a replacement for Charlie Weis is found, holds a press conference Monday morning.

It's a Jewish tradition to prepare and eat traditional potato latkes — fried in oil — during Hanukkah. These were made by Nechama Tiechtel at Lawrence's Chabad Jewish Center.

Nechama Tiechtel fries latkes at Lawrence's Chabad Jewish Center. Tiechtel makes latkes — a treat traditionally enjoyed during Hanukkah — the old-fashioned way, with potatoes and onions, but there are also recipes for making them with zucchini or other vegetables.

Sophia Eddinger, 8, watches her father, Ryan Eddinger, clean a tray used in his hydroponic greenhouse system. The Eddinger family's Two Sisters Farm sells "living lettuce" to several area restaurants and grocers.

Ryan Eddinger, Lecompton, greets his daughters Stella 10, left, and Sophia, 8, after harvesting some lettuce at Two Sisters Farm, where the Eddinger family grows several varieties using a hydroponic greenhouse system. They sell lettuce to several area grocers and restaurants.

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