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Pet Talk
October 22, 2009
The other day, upon returning home from a rousing morning dodging cat claws and dog teeth, I pulled in to my driveway to find a very large mysterious box.
Pet Talk
August 27, 2009
ast week, my wife and I were spending a most relaxing evening after supper on our screened-in-porch. The temperature outside was pleasant, as a cool front had just passed the previous day.
Pet Talk: Venomous snakes danger to pets, horses, livestock
July 2, 2009
We recently got an excited phone call from a client concerning her schnauzer, which went something like this: “I don’t know what happened to Chipper. He just came screaming in from the back yard and won’t put any weight on his back leg or even let me touch it.”
Pet Talk
May 28, 2009
The month of April was an eye-opener for our staff as we diagnosed heartworms in four dogs from De Soto or the outlying area. Fortunately, the dogs are improving and will eventually recover from the life-threatening parasites.
Dogs enjoy lending masters a helping paw
April 16, 2009
On a recent evening, I was reminded of two things: what real working dogs are and that if you live in the country expect the unexpected because it will eventually happen.
Proper planning can make traveling with pets more enjoyable
April 9, 2009
Taking a drive with your pet can be an enjoyable experience, or, for some, a nightmare. Let me entertain you with a experience and an observation.
Happy did justice to his name
February 12, 2009
As my cell phone rang, I was transformed back to my own responsibilities as a small town vet to my clients and their pets
Pet talk
October 22, 2008
There indeed is a silver lining to many clouds floating by, even on a rainy old Monday.
Pet talk
Timely vaccinations save pets
October 1, 2008
On a recent Saturday, I was given cause to ponder why we vaccinate our pets. In these two clinical cases presented to us, both could have been prevented by routine vaccination of the pets. In both cases, the owner had either not vaccinated or allowed them to laps
Cancer issues same for man and pets
September 11, 2008
Cancer, or as doctors are taught, neoplasia, affects all of us dearly, deep in our heart of hearts. Both my father and eldest sister succumbed to the terminal spread of this most feared of all diseases. We were all very devastated as we watched the cancer spread and take its toll on what were previously vibrant lives.

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