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The De Soto Methodist church had a news item in this month's bulletin asking the question "Have you ever wanted to go to the Holy Land?" followed by the statement "Here is your chance!" They are offering two trips to the Holy Land to the congregation, one in January and one in February 2012. Pastor Jan Justice says they would need a group of at least 6-10 people in order to go. If you're interested in the 10-day tour in January, which would cost approximately $3,200, or the 13-day tour in February, which would cost approximately $4,500, talk to Pastor Jan.

The Methodist church had worship services at Hillside Village this past Sunday, June 12. They also had their all-church picnic at Kill Creek Park, it was a wonderful time. I made a mistake in last week's column, the Methodist church's VBS will be from July 25-29, not June. They are still in need of volunteers, if interested call the church. The Agape Circle will not meet again until September. The Reading CIrcle will meet next Monday, June 20, at noon in the Fellowship Hall. The UMM will have their breakfast meeting at 7 a.m. on Saturday, June 18 in the Fellowship Hall.

The De Soto Baptist church had communion services on Sunday. They also took the Deacons' Fund offering. The business meeting that took place last Wednesday noted that there have been several donations accepted by the church for the building fund. Rick Walker led the congregation in singing and in the offertory prayer. This coming Sunday, June 19, there will be a reception on the church lawn to honor the fathers in the congregation. VBS will begin at the Baptist church on Monday, June 20 and will end with the program on Sunday, June 26.

When my friend Sandi couldn't get me on the telephone this past weekend she and her daughter came to my house to make sure I was OK. I had gone to lay down and forgot to take the phone with me. How nice it is to have friends who care so much. Hayden has had armfuls of laundry to do lately, mostly his baseball clothes. He played a tournament in Fayetteville, Ark., last week and his team won 4-3. My son Michael brought me a new mattress from his factory in Oklahoma last week. He also visited with Jerry and Linda and took us all out to dinner.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Sharon Coatney; Zachary Yarbrough; Cole Towner; Will Smalley; John Knight and my grandson, Marty Nalley.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: John and Julie Riffle; Jeff and Richelle Hodges; Fred and Paula Jones; Brian and Audrey King and my daughter and son-in-law, Debbie and Paul Chandler.

The needs at the De Soto community food pantry this week are: Tuna and Hamburger Helper; peanut butter and jelly; paper products and baby diapers.

The sick list is long this week. Kathy Hayden was able to return to church on Sunday and it was good to have Sally Schrader back as well. Ruth Zimmerman was unable to attend church Sunday. I am having pain in new places and will be going back to the bone specialist soon. Merle Couch and Michael Ribrene are both in the hospital.



The De Soto Methodist church is having its Vacation Bible School June 25-29 and is in need of volunteers. This year's VBS will be in the evenings and all children in the community ages 4-12 are invited to participate, pre-registration is requested but not required and forms can be picked up from the church office.

The De Soto Baptist church will be having Vacation Bible School June 20-24 in the afternoons. They also need volunteers, call Karen Wall or Rev. Copeland if you can help out.

The De Soto Relay for Life was very successful. Debbie took her grandson Paul and me and we all had fun. It had been a while since I stopped to think how long it had been since my cancer surgery and realized it's been more than 20 years. I think this is pretty good since my father was only 51 when he died from stomach cancer.

The Hornets baseball team, Hayden's team, played in a tournament in St. Louis over the weekend and won two games. My great-grandson knocked out two home runs. Next week they will play in a tournament in Arkansas, here's hoping and praying they play well.

The De Soto community food pantry is in need of canned tuna this week and Tuna or Hamburger Helper next week. There is always a need for paper products and baby diapers as well.

My son Edwin called me Sunday night and told me that his granddaughter Lisa is in Oregon visiting relatives. She received many awards from her school this year, she completed fifth grade. My son Michael called me too. He lives in Oklahoma and owns a mattress factory. He's coming for a visit this week and bringing me a new bed. My son Carlin in Illinois had an accident recently. He was at a high school track meet and feel from the bleachers and broke his wrist and arm. He's in a cast now and says it's quite painful, please keep him in your prayers.

The prayer list is long this week. Lana McPherson brings a child to church each week and he recently fell and hurt himself. Kathy Hayden is having tests done this week and was unable to attend Sunday School. Donny Parr's cousin was shot to death in Mexico. Jeff Coatney's leg is doing better. Karl Beesley filled the pulpit Sunday, he's been preaching for 68 years.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Reta Jenks; Mary Etta Copeland; Leroy Davis; Ross Stone; Devin Higginboth; Mary Lee Miller; Willard Kessler; my granddaughter Shelly Williams and my daughter Debbie Nalley. The only anniversary I know of this week is Roger and Hazel Verrill's.



The De Soto Methodist church is having a church picnic at 10 a.m. on Sunday June 12 at Shelter #3 at Kill Creek Park. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the fun of worshipping in the park and eating with friends and family. Please bring a side dish and a friend.

The Methodists' bulletin had a lot of pictures printed in it, including one of the new members, one of the baptisms and one of the third-graders receiving their Bibles. The church will be having a spaghetti supper from 5-7 p.m. on Saturday, June 3 in Leawood and all the proceeds will go to the UMW.

The De Soto Baptist church's adult Bible class on Sunday was very full. Karl Beesley was our teacher and the lesson was about Jesus and Abraham. Please come join us next week. Rick Walker directed the choir and Beth Couch played the piano for worship. Mary Etta was at the organ and Larry and Donna Gulley were ushers. Everyone has responded well to our desired addition to the building and many have pledged to the fund. Rick Walker has developed a campaign graph to chart our progress, it is hanging in the vestibule.

My son Edwin called me this weekend from Texas to catch me up on everyone in his family. My great-grandson Hayden Chandler, who just finished his junior year at De Soto High School, received several awards at the school's award dinner. He received the third in the league for pitching, second for playing first base and received his second-year varsity letter. My son Jerry took me to the cemeteries in souther Missouri last Tuesday to place flowers on all the graves, we visited 25 or more. Debbie and I went to the De Soto cemetery on Thursday to visit at least 15 there but we would have liked to stop at even more. Some of the names were very difficult to read on the stones.

I've been having problems with the lights in my kitchen this week. First the light over my sink was out, then some others. Luckily, I've had lots of help come to the rescue. My neighbor George came over first and did some work on the fixture to get it working but it didn't last long. Then Hayden tried to help but had no luck. Finally, Debbie suggested a man at our church and boy did he help. After lots of reaching and working at screws he got everything in the right place. I am so very thankful for friends who come to my rescue.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Jason Moss; Junelle Woolery; Cassandra Miller; Jo Sweatt; Nancy Lindbloom; Coen Towner; my great-grandsons, Thomas and Brian and my great-granddaughter Lisa.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: Matt and Michael Duprey; Jason and Heather Moss; Dean and Karen Wall; Dennis and Diana Zwahlen and Walter and Mary Jo McDaniel.

The De Soto Relay for Life will take place at the school track this Friday evening. The Baptist church has had inserts about the event in our bulletin for several weeks now and have been asking families to purchase luminaries in memory of loved ones. It starts at 6 p.m. on Friday and goes all night. Please make a donation in honor of your loved one.

The prayer list is long as usual. Pat Weese is home from the hospital after having shoulder surgery, he is doing OK. Birdie's nephew has a daughter named Hope who is 12 years-old and was recently diagnosed with cancer. Jean Epperson's friend received a kidney and liver transplant and is doing well. Richard Epperson has been diagnosed with skin cancer and will have some spots removed from his nose on Friday. Willetta Lawhead's brother still needs prayers as well. Sympathy goes to the family of Bob Redick's brother and Jim Carpenter's sister. Don Gribben's sister has cancer also.



The De Sot Methodist church had an interesting newsletter for the month of May with lots of June activities listed. On June 3, a group will be going to Crosslines at the Leawood United Methodist church for a spaghetti dinner. From June 8-11, the east Kansas UMW Annual Conference will take place at the Asbury United Methodist church in Prairie Village.

The Methodist church will be having its Vacation Bible School July 25-29 in the evenings from 6-8:30 p.m. Their theme is "Panda-Mania" and all children in the community are invited to come learn more about the Lord.

The De Soto Baptist church's adult Sunday School class was missing three teachers on Sunday. I gave the opening prayer and had someone else read the scriptures and lead the discussion. We always welcome new members to the class. We shared a lot of prayer concerns as well. Jeff Coatney fell and hurt his leg, it's very scraped up. Charlie Lawhead's friend Katie, who is only 23 years-old, has a very rare eye infection and Reba Barola's aunt in Texas has eye cancer. The Lawheads also had a cousin pass away this week.

The Baptist church's bulletin had and extra sheet in it this week asking the congregation to fill it out for Vacation Bible School. Karen had some books available and some on backorder for the event. This year's theme is "Inside Out and Upside Down" and will take place June 20-24 from 1-3:45 p.m. Enrollment is open now and we are accepting volunteers, if interested call Karen Wall at (913) 583-9912.

I cleaned out my refrigerator last week and found that something sticky had spilled and required quite a bit of scrubbing. I was glad Debbie and Hayden cam to my rescue and helped me with the shelves and things I couldn't reach. I had many things for the birds and squirrels.

The needs at the community food pantry this week are: canned meat; canned tuna; white rice and baby products.

Rose McAnnich's great-grandson is home now and doing well. A tornado damaged the town of Reading quite badly and several other places are bad as well. I still have to wash my legs down every night and put my cream medicine on, I have two different creams for my legs and my knees.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Mark Crisper; Juanita Marshall; Nicholas Cardiff; Raquel Krout; Mary Jo McDaniels and Jamie Towner.

Jeff and Traci Griffin are celebrating their anniversary.



The De Soto Methodist church's men's group will have a meeting at 7 a.m. this Saturday, May 21, in the Fellowship Hall. They ask that you call Stephanie at (913) 940-2049 if you would like to attend. On Sunday, May 22, Janice Wilcox will be worship leader and Larry Cox and Bernice Casey will be ushers. The Agape Circle will met at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 19.

My sister-in-law, Emmaline Freeman, called me Saturday and caught me up on what she and her husband Nelson have been up to. They recently got back from a trip to Arizona.

The De Soto Baptist church had some very full pews on Sunday. We recognized the boys and girls graduating, Rev. Copeland introduced each one.

My son Jerry took me to an orthopedic doctor's appointment last Tuesday for a follow-up visit for my infected hand. My car was acting up the whole time, it just wasn't acting right and kept quitting on us. We had to pull over a lot and Debbie had to come get me while the towing service came and got the car. I hope the car gets repaired before Memorial Day so we can still go to the cemeteries in Missouri like we always do.

Most of my spring cleaning is done. I was fortunate enough to have a friend I've know since childhood come and help with the curtains and windos. She also helped me clean the cabinets and hang some pictures. She also pulled the leaves off the back porch, she filled a huge bag full. My garden has also been plowed and planted by my neighbor, George. I'm looking forward to fresh tomatoes and corn.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Bill Lafferty; Dixie Kurtz; Kerneed Lafferty; Craig Everhart; Jackson DInes; Larry Lochner; Janice Wilcox; Michelle Duprey; Heidi Gutknecht; Kathy Hayden; Tari Thompson; Jennifer McDaniel; Bobby White and Jayme Nelson.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: Roland and Lucille Ohrenberg and my grandson, Bradley, and his wife Colleen.

My daughter, Debbie, mowed the yard this week while her grandson, Hayden, was busy helping his uncle Chris move from Lenexa to Olathe. Chris hopes that in a couple years he will be moving into a place of his own and not just another rental. Debbie cleaned the driveway as well, thanks so much to her.

Hayden hit two home runs last week in his baseball games. I have lots of friends tell me how well he does when he plays.

Kathy Hayden was sick on Sunday and unable to attend Sunday School or worship service. My son Jerry had his toenail removed this week, so he's having to wear sandals everywhere. Mike Bosworth just completed a long drive, he brought his aunt and uncle from Florida back to Kansas. Jeff and Sharon Coatney bought a motor home and are planning a trip soon, they are also thinking of taking a cruise to Alaska with their children. My knee is much better after using bandages, the throbbing pain is gone. Karl and Barbara Beesley are leaving soon to take a vacation to South Carolina. Libby Stone is doing better now. Rose McAnnich has a new grandson, Jack Harrison Miller, who was born on Saturday, May 14.

I'm so fortunate as a mother that all five of my children call me often and come by to help me with things. I couldn't begin to name all they do for me, thanks so much.

As always, I am looking for more Avon customers. I got a new order of brochures last week, if you are interested call me at (913) 585-1326.



The De Soto Methodist church has a busy week as usual. They went to Hillside Village and had services on Sunday afternoon and on Monday afternoon, their Silver Circle met. Tonight there will be choir practice, yoga and the cub scouts will meet. The UMM will meet at 7 a.m. on Saturday, May 21. The church is giving Bibles to any third-graders who don't have one during a ceremony this Sunday. They would also like to recognize all of the church's graduating seniors so notify Stephanie Talley immediately for that.

The De Soto Baptist church had a full house for their Mother's Day worship on Sunday. Rick Walker was worship leader and Mary Etta Copeland played the organ while Beth Couch played piano.

My son Michael, from Oklahoma, was in town for a few days. He came up for an auction and stayed at Jerry and Linda's house while they were out of town visiting Linda's mother. Jerry spent a lot of time with me and Debbie and Hayden and we enjoyed each other. It had been more than two years since he visited. Debbie also brought her grandson Paul, who is 1 and a half years-old, to church on Sunday, he had lots of good yells during services.

The Baptist church's Mother's Day brunch had every table full, my plate was overflowing with good food too. Paula Rhodes organized the event and asked us all to write a favorite quote from our mothers down on a piece of paper, along with a rule your mother enforced. I also had a call from a former De Soto resident, Emmaline Freeman Nelson, recently. She lives in Arizona now. My grandson, Chris Chandler, also called me for Mother's Day and asked about my word search books. Michael and Linda gave me a bouquet of flowers and so did Jeannie and Edwin, I took them to church to share.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Harry Lafferty; Richard Blanter; Gary Bicklemeyer; Jeremy Morton; Jean Maness; Paula Rhodes; Brandon Prince; Dennis Allen; Rlake Lindbloom; Kyle Walker; Brad Chandler and Linda Nalley.

Those celebrating anniversaries are Terry and Paula Rhodes and Jean and Junior Maness.

The Relay for Life group had a table set up on the front lawn of the church on Sunday selling baked goods. My son bought a peanut butter cake, it was wonderful.

Sympathy goes to the family of Donna Bodien, who passed away recently. Willetta Lawhead's brother is in need of prayers, as is Darlene Hackworth, who has been in the hospital.

My great-grandson Brian, who lives in Illinois, won second place in the Illinois PTA project for his film on visual lessons. He's only in the sixth grade.



The De Soto Methodist church has a busy schedule as usual this week. Their Mother/Daughter Tea will be at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 7. It will be a high tea with music and other fun activities, they do ask that you RSVP to Shelle Field at (913) 219-7898 though. The youth group is planning a mission project for this summer. They plan to work with the De Soto Multi-Service Center and with the Johnson County Sheriff's Department with their "Take Me Home" program, which helps those with mental disabilities.

The De Soto Baptist church is also busy this week. On Monday, May 2, the Doers of the Word Bible study group met, Karen Wall was their leader. On Thursday, May 5, the church will be observing National Day of Prayer, beginning at 7 a.m. The church invites anyone to join them in prayer, they will provide a light breakfast at 7:30 a.m. The city will have a community prayer service at noon at the Community Center. At 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 7, the Baptist church is hosting a Mother's Day potluck brunch.

The needs of the De Soto Multi-Service Center are: canned soup or stew; peanut putter and jelly; paper goods and baby products.

I had a surprise at my door Saturday evening, I opened the door to find two May baskets with floral arrangements in them. Thanks to whoever left them, I am very honored. It reminded me of my childhood, when we would go into the woods to pick flowers and put them in baskets for others. I was also surprised by my former neighbors Roger and Hazel Verrill, who used to put my garden in each year. They live in Overland Park now. Now my neighbor across the street, George, helps me with the garden.

My son-in-law in Texas called me Sunday evening. He said the temperature in Dallas was 46 degrees and that they had the heater on. He also said his church is helping with the destruction in Alabama from the tornadoes.

The Silver Cat spring brunch will be at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, May 4 at Lexington Trails Middle School. Students will be sharing art work and shool projects and the eighth grade choir will be performing.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Jim Aubert; Allison Haynes; Ellen Warfelt; Ray Bowlin; Dakota Slitor; Tammy Coder Mikinski; Sam Wilcox; Marilyn Etherton; Cheryl Towner; Jamie Zvirgzdin; Jake Miller; Larry Gulley, Jr.; Amy Culver and Dale Lindbloom.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: Chris and Allison Haynes and Mary and Don McDaniel.

This Sunday, May 8, is Mothers' Day. The De Soto Relay for Life committee will be selling desserts after services at the Baptist church. On Wednesday, May 4, at 10 a.m., the women's Bible group will meet to discuss Ezekiel. Jean Epperson will lead us.

There are many on the prayer list this week. Sally Beck's sister-in-law has kidney cancer and will be having surgery on Thursday. Darlene Hackworth is in the hospital following a car accident. Randy Cannan has some health concerns and needs prayers. Myrtle Coker fell and is now in the hospital. Benny Metsinger's sister is at Hillside Village after breaking her hip in a fall. Joe Bond's mother passed away this week, as did Donna Bodine. The nation as a whole also needs prayers, especially all those affected by the tornadoes in the south. Jeff Hodges had surgery on his left shoulder and needs prayers for recovery. Mike Bosworth's uncle is very ill as well.



The De Soto Methodist church had a busy Easter holiday. They had an egg hunt and a pancake breakfast Saturday morning and sunrise services at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, in addition to the regular service. They even had yoga on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday, May 7, the UMW will host a mother/daughter tea, reservations should be made by Saturday, April 30, by calling Shelle Field at (913) 219-7898.

The De Soto Baptist church had Maundy Thursday services, during which the choir sang some lovely specials. Their Easter services were at 7:30 Sunday morning in addition to the regular time, Hayden and Debbie went early and took me with them. Debbie and I wore beautiful corsages that Carlin and Nancy bought us. After the service we had breakfast thanks to the Rotary club, it was delicious. We also went to Sunday School and the regular service. After church we took some pictures and my children in Oklahoma, Texas and Illinois all called me to wish me a happy Easter.

The De Soto Baptist church has many important meetings coming up. Thursday, May 5 is the National Day of Prayer. I've signed-up for the noon-12:30 p.m. slot so don't call me during that block. Breakfast will be served at the church from 7 a.m.-noon and at noon a community prayer service will take place at the community center. At 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 7, there will be a Mothers' Day brunch. Vacation Bible School will be from June 20-24 this summer from 1-3:45 p.m.

Former De Soto resident Ruth Mottakus calls me nearly every day, she lives in Shawnee Gardens nursing home now. We always pray together and tell each other about our recent activity. Lately I've had a girl come help with the cleaning. She took all my dolls off the mantle and cleaned and everything and put them back. She's done some work in the kitchen too and helped with my book work.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Quitta Tanbersley; John Berry; my friend Linda; Heather Moss; Betty Hughey; Chris Hayden; Gretchyn Reeves; Kristina Couch; Lacena Schupp; Eric Schupp; Rachel Coatney and Jennifer Collins.

I made spaghetti and meatballs on Sunday afternoon for my lunch but then the phone rang and I forgot about the pan on the stove and it all burned. I had to scour the pan and open all the doors to get the smell out. It's going to take some elbow grease to get my favorite pan clean again.

Those on the prayer list are many. Sally Schrader was able to attend Easter services on Sunday, the first time in weeks. Betty Hughey is celebrating her 90th birthday this week and Jeff Hodges, who leads the choir, is scheduled to have shoulder surgery this week. John and Julie Riffle had the misfortune of hitting a deer this week, no one was injured. Barbara Beesley's granddaughter's mother passed away this week, sympathy to their family.



The De Soto Methodist church left me their bulletin and their schedule is quite full. Their Reading Circle meets today at noon and the Cub Scouts will meet at 7 p.m.. Tomorrow, the confirmation class will meet at 6 p.m. and the youth group at 7 p.m. On Thursday, at 7 p.m., the Agape Circle will meet to discus "Longing for Enough in a Culture of More." There will be a special Maundy Thursday service Thursday evening at 7 p.m.

The church will host a pancake breakfast on Saturday, starting at 9 a.m. with an Easter egg hunt to follow. On Easter Sunday, the church will have a 6:30 a.m. sunrise service and another service at 9 a.m. with Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. Regular Easter services will be at 10 a.m.

Graduates of both high school and college will be recognized during the service on Sunday, May 15. If you have a graduate in your family, be sure to let Stephanie Tatley know so they can be put on the list. They will also be presenting Bibles to the third grade students in the congregation that Sunday. If you are the parent of a third grader be sure their name gets put on the list as well.

My son Edwin and his wife Jeanne called me from Texas this weekend and told me all about the fires, tornados and rain that have been happening nationwide.

The De Soto Baptist church had a good attendance on Sunday. Everyone was in their place in the choir loft and Jeff Hodges led worship. Mary Etta Copeland was at the organ and Lana McPherson and Karen Wall took turns at the piano. Jerry and Linda Nalley served as ushers and Jerry also gave the offertory prayer. Because it was Palm Sunday, the children of the church marched around waving the palm branches. After service we had a brown bag lunch. The Baptist church will also be having a special Maundy Thursday service at 7 p.m. and their egg hunt at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

The De Soto Willow Springs FCE met at the Baptist church on Thursday with Leona Robinson as hostess. She had beautifully decorated the tables with colorful tablecloths and plates for our meal of sandwiches, cole slaw and salads. Rita Jenks gave the lesson and I read some questions to answer.

My two great-granddaughters, Hanna Rose and Grace, who are Michael's granddaughters, played in a volleyball tournament in Texas last week. They played well and had a lot of fun.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Sally Beck; Jerry Sharp; Mike Mikinski; Tina Rhine; my great-grandson Danny modelski; Donna Rose Frohling; Joan Nalley and my granddaughter Mary Patricia.

Those celebrating an anniversary are Tory and Elisa Knight.

I had a wonderful surprise Saturday, my friends came to visit. They used to live in De Soto and now live in Illinois, it was Bernice Thornton and her daughter Patty Thornton and her sister Frances Weidlein. They came the Baptist church on Sunday too.

My great-grandson Hayden and Donny Parr were both recognized this week for their accomplishments at the state wrestling tournament. Jeff Coatney's dog was injured this week and has to go to the vet's again. Mark Bosworth is doing much better, he can now lift his arm. I went to the doctor this week and an x-ray of my hand showed damage to my thumb. I got a couple of injections and it's feeling much better.



The De Soto Methodist church's youth and education council hosted a bingo night on Saturday, April 9. It went well and they had a ton of prizes. Pastor Jan is going to contact Jay Rains and ask him to attend the next finance committee meeting. She reported that the education council had met and discussed Vacation Bible School and potential changes to the children's Sunday School times. Becky Miller will get VBS materials to review for the next meeting, at which they will set a date. The worship committee met and discussed all events coming up between now and July. On Sunday, April 17, they will have a Palm Sunday service and Passion Reading. On Thursday, April 21, Maundy Thursday services will be at 9 a.m. and on Saturday, April 24, at 9 a.m., a pancake breakfast and Easter Egg Hunt will take place. The eggs will be filled on Friday morning and volunteers would be welcome.

The De Soto Baptist church had the junior Joy Choir in the loft on Sunday, Tammy Reeves directed them. Their special anthem was "The Great Commandments" and did a great job. The ABW met Monday morning, Lori Murdock was our special speaker about "Ten Tips for a Healthier You." The Card Closet Ministry met on Tuesday and the Wednesday Bible Study group will meet today with Jean Epperson as leader. On Saturday, beginning at 1 p.m., the Relay for Life committee will be having a golf tournament to raise funds for this year's walk. Sunday is Palm Sunday and a brown bag Sunday and on Thursday, April 21, the Baptist church will have a 7 p.m. Maundy Thursday service with communion. There will be an early, 8 a.m. Easter service on Easter Sunday and DHS conditioning coach Brian King will speak. Breakfast will be served at 8:30 and the regular Easter service will follow at 11.

The De Soto Baptist church will have their Vacation Bible Study June 13-17 from 1-3:30 p.m. If you would like you help, please let Karen Wall or myself know soon. We are especially in need of child care workers and prayer partners. The Baptist church will have meetings soon to discuss issues pertaining to the building project soon as well.

The needs at the community food pantry are: peanut butter and jelly; macaroni and cheese; paper products and baby goods.

My son Edwin and his wife Jeanne called me Sunday evening from Texas and told me their granddaughter, Lisa, had joined the Girl Scouts. She's enjoying fishing and is quite good, I told Edwin that her Grandpa Luther would be proud of her as fishing was his favorite hobby.

I got some help washing my windows and re-hanging the curtains in my kitchen, living room and dining room. My bedroom still needs to be done but it is the worst to do. My great-grandson Hayden and my daughter Debbie got my Easter tote out and helped me put up those decorations. The bushes out front are now filled with eggs. Sandi Gulley helped with that. The large truck that was in my driveway was for Jeff Griffin, who is putting in a fireplace. He needs to tear out some bricks and put others in, every one is telling him the sooner the better for that. My great-grandson Paul stayed the night and went to church with us last Sunday while his parents were away on business. He was a brave boy and didn't cry at all, he was so cute running up and down my hallway.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Lawrence Allen; Jim Berola; Jack McDaniel; Camron Morton; Hugh Forrest; Matthew Duprey and my great-granddaughter, Grace Frohling.

My son, Edwin, and his wife Jeanne are celebrating 46 years of marriage this week.

I have been asking for prayers for my left hand as it has been causing me pain recently. Jerry is back from his trip to Missouri and has called the doctor about my hand. Pat Weese is in the Olathe hospital after shoulder surgery and there are many others needing prayers as well. Linda Sane's mother and Karl and Barbara Beesley's former daughter-in-law is undergoing chemotherapy for stomach and liver cancer. Jesse Boyd is home from the hospital and doing well.