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There are many, many people listed on the Methodist church's prayer concerns. Frances Lawhead is back at Hillside Village after a stay in the hospital. Colton Blake is doing better. Jo Sweat has pneumonia. Bonnie Montgall had foot surgery last week. Chris Toner is home from the service. Ginger Chance's mother, Maxine Spurgeon, passed away recently and we give our sympathy to the family. Jeanne Rush also passed away recently.

Construction at the Baptist church is going well and should be done by the end of March if the weather continues to hold. The men's group will meet for breakfast at JT's this Saturday, Jan. 14, at 7:30 a.m. There was a good turnout at worship on Sunday, it was wonderful. The choir loft was full and their special was very beautiful.

I've been trying to go through my belongings to sort out what I want to keep and what I need to keep and arrange everything in boxes. This sounds like a good idea but now I can never remember what's in what box and what I need when. I've also switched out my Christmas decorations for my Valentine's Day decorations. The hearts are so lovely.

The De Soto Methodist church had services at Hillside Village this past week. The residents enjoyed themselves quite a bit. The church also took down their Christmas decorations. I guess the holiday season is really over now. Pastor Jan is out of town this week taking some courses. Her cell phone will be the best way to reach her.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Patti Hollingsworth; Jonny Hodges; Lillian Bassett; Travis Ellenberger; Linda Patton; Larry Cox; Beverly Jones and Terri Hooper.

My birthday celebration was lovely. I received many cards from many friends, old and new. These 96 years of life have been great. I also got a beautiful floral arrangement, which I'm still enjoying.



Pastor Jan Justice of the De Soto Methodist church will be out all week attending classes. The office at the Methodist church will still be staffed though.

The De Soto Baptist church will be having communion services next Sunday, Jan. 8, as well as collecting a special offering for the deacons' fund. Next Monday, Jan. 9, the ABW will have their monthly meeting. All women are invited to attend. On Saturday, Jan. 14, the men's group will have breakfast at JT's at 7:30 a.m.

I had a nice visit and surprise from my old friend Sally Beck this week. She brought me a big box and inside were a bunch of cookies spelling out 'Happy New Year Dorothy.' They were very pretty and very delicious.

The De Soto Methodist church is trying to raise money to replace the doors and windows at their parsonage in an effort to lower their heating costs. The house is very old and the windows and doors leak quite a bit of cold air into the home. They are asking anyone that can to help them with this. For $200, you can replace a window or door or just make any donation. They have two doors and nine windows that need replaced.

The construction at the De Soto Baptist church for their new addition is going very well thanks to all the nice weather we've been having. The workers are moving right along, they even poured the concrete drive last week.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Doug Weis; Bill Whim; Charlene Braley; Coby Morton; Peyton Karashin; Jennifer Weese; Leona Hoover; Chris Chandler; David Lewis; Dorothy Nalley; Anita Martin; Deanna Weller; Florence McMillian; Kim Bedford and Matthew Nalley.

Larry and Rosie Inman are celebrating their anniversary this week.

The needs at the De Soto food pantry are: canned soups; dried pasta; cleaning products; pasta sauce and baby goods.

Sympathy goes to the family of Lorene Hayden, who passed away last week and also to the family of Larry Halley's brother-in-law, who also died recently.



There are still many prayer concerns even during this time of year. Frances Lawhead, Betty Parr, Pat Lee, Dennis Matthews, Shirley Penner, Myrtle Coker, Don Jewett and Karl Beesley's sister-in-law all need your thoughts and prayers.

The De Soto Methodist church had a very nice Christmas Eve service this past weekend. It was lovely and the programs had all the songs typed out. My visiting relatives and I all attended the service together. It was so nice to see some people that I hadn't seen in quite a while. Pastor Jan Justice came by our pew to say hi and I was able to introduce her to everyone.

The January meeting of the Methodist church trustees has been moved to Monday, Jan. 9. Gil Rumsey will begin a new Bible study on Sunday, Jan. 8. Pastor Jan noted that there are not enough tables and chairs to accomodate all the people that attend the various events and dinners the church hosts and suggested that the trustees look into buy more.

The construction on the new addition to the Baptist church is going well thanks to the good weather we've had lately. The church had their Christmas morning worship services on Sunday and they were lovely. Lucas Walker, Rick Walker and Holly Balch sang wonderful solos and Jonny Copeland played a nice trumpet solo.

The Nalley family celebrated Christmas at Jerry and Linda's home in Overland Park, there were 25 of us present. We had a wonderful time with a great dinner and a gift exchange. We also all went to the worship services at the Methodist church on Christmas Eve, even the family that came in from out of town. It was disappointing that Michael and Linda and their family were unable to come home for the holiday. We were also missing two of my other grandsons and their families who all stayed in Illinois.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Paula Jones; Bob Redick; Sean Nalley; Margaret Wycoff; Helen Edwards; Frances Lawhead; Rita Jones; Barbara Matthews; Madeleine Mikinski; Mary Plummer; Nikki Stugget; Alva Mitchell; Bill Whim; Charlene Braley; Doug Weis and Coby Morton.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: John and Barbara Matthews; Jessie and Billy Boyd; Larry and Rose Inman and Sean and Janey Nalley.



The prayer list is still quite long. Frances Lawhead was in the hospital but now she's at Hillside Village nursing home. Libby Stone is home from the Mayo Clinic now. Terry and Paula Rhodes sent a very nice thank-you card to the church for the support they received after the death of Terry's mother. Betty Park is ut of the hospital and doing better at home. Jim Ingalls' uncle died this week, as did Reba Barola's husband's aunt. Sympathy goes to the family of Vonnie Steele for her passing. Services for her will be tomorrow.

The De Soto Baptist church will not have Sunday School this coming Sunday as it is Christmas Day. The regular worship service will still take place at 11 a.m. Karen Wall will host the Monday Doers of the Word Bible Study at her home on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. instead.

The Christmas cantata and candlelight service at the Baptist church this past Saturday were beautiful! The instrumental ensemble that played was very enjoyable as well. The choir sang many well-known carols and everyone sang along. Rev. Copeland gave a very inspirational message and Joe Woywod presented a gift to Rev. Copeland and Mary Etta from the church family. Everyone joined together in the Fellowship Hall for dinner after the services and it was wonderful.

The De Soto Methodist church has a busy schedule this week as usual. Their bulletin from this past Sunday had a list of all the poinsettias purchased in memory of loved ones who have passed on. I knew many of the names on the list and it brought back fond memories to read all the names.

The reading group will meet at 1 p.m. today at the Methodist church. The church will be hosting a HIspanic Christmas service at 7 p.m. on Thursday night, the whole service will be in English and Spanish. They will be having Christmas Eve services at 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. The Methodist church has also canceled Sunday School this week but will have the regular worship service at 10 a.m.

My son Edwin, who lives in Texas, called me this weekend and said they had more than 900 people at their church services on Sunday, the biggest crowd they've ever had. Edwin and his wife, Jeanne, and daughter, Paige, will be coming up to De Soto this Friday for Christmas. My son Carlin and his wife, Nancy, will be coming on Thursday. My other son Michael cannot make it home this year. We'll all go to Jerry and Linda's in Overland Park on Christmas. I pray that we all get a lovely day to celebrate this year.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Noah Cardiff; Darlene Hackworth; Jenna Hodges; Macy Voorhies; Megan Martinez and Raymond Tripkos.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: Gil and Linda Rumsey; Steve and Penny Buehler; Larry and Brenda West and Raymond and Ernestine Tripkos.

As always the De Soto food pantry is in need of many things, namely canned fruit and vegetables, rice, bagged sugar and flour and baby products.



God certainly answered some of my prayers this past week. I lost my emergency necklace several weeks ago and I finally found it this week. Of course, it was right where I'd left it. I thought I'd already looked there but I guess I hadn't looked well enough. There are still many on my lists though that still need prayers. Our sympathy goes to the Rhodes family for the death of Terry Mathews. Libby Stone is in the Mayo Clinic seeing several doctors.

The De Soto Baptist church will be having a brown bag lunch this coming Sunday, Dec. 18 and we will have a special visitor in the pulpit. At 7 p.m. Sunday night we will be having the annual Christmas cantata. This past Sunday we had the pleasure of watching the children and youth perform. They sang many special songs and had some speaking parts too. Tami Reeves did an excellent job directing the group. We are also collecting socks and bars of soap for the Veteran's Hospital this coming Sunday.

The De Soto Methodist church has been busy as usual. This past Saturday they had their annual Breakfast with Santa and Parents' Day Out event and on Sunday they had their Christmas play before worshiping at Hillside Village that afternoon. This coming Sunday they will have their Christmas cantata.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Donna Gulley; Gene Gower; Caitlin Weese; Danny Lane; Tyler Collins; Chris Berola; Spencer Karashin; Ed Wilcox; Gayle Moriarity; Leland Jones; Edwin Cox and my grandson Harrison Williams.



I'm moving the sick list to the top because these people truly need our prayers. Jean Epperson has one nephew who is ill and in need of prayer and another passed away recently. Libby Stone is still at Mayo Clinic and Helen Edwards is at St. John's Hospital in Leavenworth with pneumonia. Sympathy goes to the family of Bill Lafferty, who passed away over the weekend.

The De Soto Methodist church had a Hispanic Thanksgiving celebration on Saturday, Dec. 3. This coming Saturday, Dec. 10, they will be having their annual breakfast with Santa and Parents' Day Out. On Sunday, Dec. 11, the children will perform their Christmas play and sing at Hillside Village that afternoon. The adult choir will perform their Christmas cantata on Sunday, Dec. 18 and Christmas Eve services will be at 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. with the regular 10 a.m. service on Christmas Day.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, a time to remember our many veterans who lost their lives in service to our country.

The Baptist church deacons and trustees will meet at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 8. The monthly business meeting will follow at 7:30 p.m. The men will meet at JT's for breakfast at 7 a.m. on Saturday Dec. 10. and the women will have a breakfast potluck that morning at 10 a.m. with a gift exchange afterwards.

This Sunday, Dec. 11, the youth choir, under the direction of Tammie Reeves, will sing at the Baptist church. I would like to thank the following people for their help decorating the church for Christmas: Jeff and Traci Griffin; John Holzsc; Mary Gale Kramer; Danny Lane; Debbie Maniez; Mary Jo McDaniel and Paula Rose. The ABW is now taking orders for holiday poinsettias for $10 each. Jerry and I pick one out each year in memory of our relatives who have passed away: Luther Nalley; Elaine Nalley; Jeffrey Nalley (Edwin's son); George and Vella Nalley (Luther's parents); and Walter and Laura Williams (my parents).

My son Carlin, who lives in Illinois, received quite an honor recently. He's always been involved in track and field and has been an official at many meets and this year the Illinois Track and Cross-Country Association inducted my son into the Illinois Hall of Fame.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: John Hackworth; Jan McPherson; Jeremy Towner; Amy Jones; Chris Bosworth; Pat Weese; Bruce Yarbrough; Esther Cross; Ruth Zimmerman; Libby Stone; Linda Conrad; Jason McDaniel and Blake Weese.

The needs at the community food pantry are: rice; canned fruit; juice; peanut butter; sugar and flour; dried beans and canned vegetables.



The De Soto Methodist church has a list of up-coming sermons in their latest bulletin. This coming Sunday, Dec. 4, it is titled "Mary and Joseph: an unwed Mom and Dad." Sunday, Dec. 11 is the children's play, "Christmas Starr." Sunday, Dec. 18 is the choir cantata and then Christmas Eve and Christmas will be "The Voices of Christmas."

Marilyn has stopped leading the music at the Methodist church and they now have a big void to fill. She played the piano and the organ for them for many years. If you know of anyone who could help fill this void, call Pastor Jan.

A huge thanks goes to everyone who helped with the 75th annual Election Day Dinner at the Methodist church earlier this month. Charlotte Whim did a fabulous job organizing the event and Karen Walker and Denise Everhart cooked their hearts out. The annual UMW Advent Dinner will be next Monday, Dec. 5, at 6 p.m. the Fellowship Hall at the church.

The annual Christmas Bazaar and lighting of the mayor's Christmas Tree will take place this Saturday, Dec. 3 at City Hall. The bazaar will be from 2-7 p.m. and the lighting will take place around 5:30 p.m.

The De Soto Baptist church had several baptisms this past Sunday, it was wonderful to see Rev. Copeland perform so many. Those immersed were Riley McDaniel, Jack McDaniel, Samantha Tush, Dennis Allen and Dakota Allen. Crissy Allen was ill and unable to attend. It was so wonderful because our church membership is growing and we're putting on the new addition and it's a wonderful time for us.

My great-grandson, Hayden, was named to the all-area football team. He got his picture taken with the other boys and it appeared in the Lawrence Journal-World newspaper, I'm so proud of him. I've also received many Thanksgiving cards for the holiday and I have the displayed all over the house. I also got to see many old friends over the holiday weekend, many who used to live in De Soto but have moved away in recent years, it was lovely.

The sick list is still quite long. Donnie Allen has left Hillside VIllage and returned home. Sue Birdie will be having some procedures done this week and Don Graves had a stroke this past week, he's only 33 years-old. Sympathy goes to the family of Martha Jones, who passed away over the weekend. Margaret Wycoff has moved in to Hillside Village's assisted living wing, as have Bessie Weese, Randall Bassett, Bill Lafferty and Vonnie Steele. Lorene Hayden is now at Good Samaritan and Mary McDaniel is at Lakeside Village.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Roger Schaffer; Tom King; Billy Rardte; Tori Schutte; Daniel Tucker; Keri Seright; Rita Ellis; Joe Woywod and Wilma Mann.

John and Terri Zvirgzdins are celebrating their anniversary this week.

The needs at the community food pantry this week are: rice; peanut butter; crackers; jelly; dried pasta; paper products and baby diapers.



The De Soto Baptist church's ABW group hosted their annual Thanksgiving dinner this past Sunday, following worship services. There were many choices for main dishes and desserts, Hayden filled my plate and it was overflowing. There were also many crafts out to see.

My friend Sandi and her daughter Dallis came over Sunday afternoon and did several things around the house for me. The cleaned the selves in my bathroom closet and they do look so nice now.

The Baptist church had forms in their bulletin this past Sunday for people to fill out to order a holiday pie for their Thanksgiving dinner. Sunday was the last day to order pies and they will be ready for pick-up tomorrow, Wednesday the 23rd, at the church until 3 p.m.

Tami Reeves led the children's choir on Sunday and it sounded so lovely. The kids sang with the adults and we all enjoyed it so much.

Pastor Jan at the De Soto Methodist church will be fling to Minnesota today and will return on Saturday morning. John McCabe will be handling any pastoral matters that come up while she is gone. If you need to get in touch with John, call (913) 219-5634.

In honor of the new building project at the Baptist church, Darrel Zimmerman stood before the church on Sunday and recalled many historical events from when the church was originally built. He reminded me of many deceased friends. For the longest time we only had the basement of the church to worship in and when we started the church in 1947 we were still meeting in the old beer joint downtown, where the glass company is now. For a while we used an upstairs room in the old city hall and then in the old theater and sometimes in the Shawnee Baptist church as they were our sponsor church.

Saturday, Dec. 3 will be the community Christmas celebration, complete with the lighting of the mayor's Christmas tree. Mary Plummer is in charge of the Methodist church's booth and they are in need of hot chocolate, if you are able to donate any please take it to the Methodist church office.

The holiday decorations are also already up downtown. A few years ago we used some of the money from the Little Miss De Soto contest to buy lights for two blocks downtown and the city parks.

Next Sunday, Nov. 27, Gil Rumsey will be starting a new Advent Bible Study class at 9 a.m. On Saturday, Dec. 3, at 5 p.m., the Methodist church will be hosting a Hispanic Thanksgiving dinner. Their Breakfast with Santa will be on Saturday, Dec. 10, and will be followed by Parents' Day Out.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Wilma Mann, who is turning 90; Seth Rhodes; Angela Prince; Jason Weese; Jason McAninch; Ron Wilhite; Drew Schmucker; Ron Schmucker and Roy Shultz.

Dale and Nancy Lindbloom will be celebrating their anniversary this week.

The needs at the De Soto community this week are: cereal; juice; peanut butter; dried beans; bags of sugar and flour and paper goods. There is also a family in town in dire need of baby goods such as crib sheets, blankets, clothing and diapers.

The sick list keeps growing and growing. Donnie Allen fell at home and his wife Sue said she got him to the hospital and now he's in rehabilitation classes. Bob Reddick is now a 33rd Degree Mason, congratulations to him. Martha Jones fell this week and broke her arm. Karl Beesley's sister, Marcella, will be having surgery this week. Michelle Schrup is also in need of prayers.



The De Soto Methodist church has a busy week based on their weekly bulletin. Their Silver Circle met yesterday afternoon and their Reading Circle will be meeting today at noon. The Boy Scouts will be meeting there tonight at 7 p.m. The church will also be hosting a private baby shower this Saturday.

The Methodist church will be doing their annual Hanging of the Greens this Sunday, Nov. 20, after worship services. It will be followed by a potluck lunch. Pastor Jan led worship services at Hillside Village this past Sunday as well.

The VFW craft sale was this past Sunday and it attracted a large crowd. The new paint job on their building also looks great.

The De Soto Baptist church had a baptism service on Sunday, it was lovely. Five people were immersed in the font: Tori Schupp; Devin Hanes; Brooke Schupp; Drew Haines and Bailey Bosworth. Linda Conrad was supposed to but was unable due to health concerns. John and Darlene Hackworth were at worship on Sunday, their son just got married. The ABW's auction last week raised $3,600 for the new construction project, we're very pleased.

The De Soto Baptist church's junior joy choir will sing during worship this coming Sunday, Nov. 20. We will also be having our Thanksgiving potluck after worship. Following dinner there will be a silent auction of gently used Christmas goods.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Joetta Gower; Bill Lafferty; Richard Epperson; Sara Tush; Gayla Hougham; Donna Hansen; Michael Gribben and Joe White.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: Dale and Nancy Lindbloom; Calvin and Leona Robinson; Bill and Charlotte Whim and Chris and Betty Schotamus.

The needs at the community food pantry this week are: macaroni and cheese; peanut butter; jelly; paper products; canned vegetables and fruit; baby diapers; dry cereal and juice.

The sick list is still quite long. Jean Mannes is out of the hospital now and recovering at home. Arlen Gabriel will be having surgery this week to remove some of his gallbladder. Janet Nalley's mother has been seeing many doctors but is still feeling unwell. Donnie Gardner was able to return to worship this past Sunday after returning from the service in Iraq, we were very happy to have him. Donnie Allen is in the Olathe hospital, his wife, Sue, says he is having a difficult time. Libby Stone is still at KU Medical Center and Martha Jones is in the Shawnee Mission hospital. Lorene Hayden is at Good Samaritan and Randall Bassett, Bill Lafferty and Vonnie Steele are all at Hillside Village now. Mary McDaniel is now at Lakeside Village. I'll be going to my orthopedist soon because my left leg is still giving me trouble.



The De Soto Baptist church had a flyer in our newsletter on Sunday with the information for Thanksgiving pies for sale from ladies in the congregation. For $12 a pie you can order pumpkin, pecan or sugar-free varieties for your holiday meal. They ask that all orders be placed by Sunday, Nov. 20 and that payment is turned in with the order form.

The De Soto Methodist church will be having their annual election night dinner tonight, Nov. 8, from 5:30-7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. The church will be having a Parents' Night Out on Saturday, Nov. 12, from 6-10 p.m. Next Sunday, Nov. 13, they will be having a reception in honor of Marilyn Laymen. The church's All Saints' Day ceremony this past Sunday was well-attended and very special.

The De Soto Baptist church had an auction this past weekend with lots and lots of homemade goods for sale, there were some beautiful quilts and pillows and more. The auction took place after the annual baked potato dinner.

The choir loft was quite full at the Baptist church on Sunday as well. Jeff Hodges was directing the quire and we had communion services as well. This coming Sunday we will have a baptism. On Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. the women's Bible study group will meet with Jean Epperson as leader. Also on Wednesday, the Women Serving for Others will meet at 3 p.m.. The men's group will meet for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday at JT's.

I had a follow-up visit with my doctor to see how my pacemaker is doing after the surgery and she said it is looking very good. Now I have a hard lump on my leg though that hurts quite a bit, it's a good think I have a doctor's appointment next week already.

Halloween went so fast this year. I had a lot of kids at my door this year and we did get pumpkins carved. Now I need to get my Halloween decorations put away and get out the ones for Thanksgiving.

I had some visitors on Saturday afternoon. My former neighbors and garden helpers stopped by and brought me my favorite salmon cakes like always. Debbie and Hayden left on Friday to go to the farm at Rantoul. I do miss them.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Jim Etherton; Kayla Ingalls; Crissy Allen; Calvin Hayden; Brian King and my great-grandson, Hayden Chandler.

The needs at the community food pantry are: peanut butter; jelly; paper goods and baby items.

There are still many people on the prayer list. Myrtle Coker, Marilyn and Earl Layman, Pat Lee, Robert Barenklau and Helen Barthol all need prayers. Jeff Coatney is having heart problems lately. Arlen Gabriel is to have surgery soon. Abby Stone is home now from the KU Medical Center and sympathy goes got the family of Linda Haywood's family.