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July 7 City Council meeting

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Council to discuss proposed 2012 budget

The De Soto City Council is set to discuss the proposed 2012 city budget at tonight's meeting, which will take place at 7 p.m. at city hall.

Also on the agenda is consideration of proposed revisions Plan Map #9 Water Systems and Chapter 5 of the city's Comprehensive Plan.

The full agenda and supporting documents are available for download from the city's website.


Other Council Actions for June 16

The De Soto City Council took the following actions at the regular council meeting on Thursday, June 16:

  • approved posting a sign prohibiting parking vehicles on the boat ramp at Riverfest Park except when loading and unloading, per city code;
  • approved a recommendation from the Planning Commission to rezone property generally located at 31610 W. 83rd St. from R-1 Residential-Low Density to M-1 Industrial – Light District;
  • approved fire works stands to be operated by the De Soto High School Wildcat Football, VFW Post #6654 and De Soto Boy Scout Troop 18 and waived the $500 permit fee for each;
  • approved a request to fix the drainage way easement at 8585 Willow Lane, with permission from property owners, in an amount not to exceed $946; and
  • granted City Administrator Pat Guilfoyle the authority to purchase a new phone system for City Hall to replace the old, malfunction one currently in use.

Council unanimously agrees "dangerous" dog must go

The De Soto City Council unanimously agreed at its regular meeting on Thursday, June 16, that Sheyenne the dog must be removed from city limits as soon as possible for the safety of the public.

Concerns about the dog's aggressive behavior were first presented to the council in May, at which time it was decided that her owners, Victor and Lynn Shenk, would keep Sheynne on a leash when outdoors and enroll her in obedience training. According to several reports since the May decision, including one by a city meter reader, the dog has been outside without a leash, a violation of the council's orders.

The Shenks admitted to being outside with the dog free from a leash but stated that it was part of her obedience training and maintained she was still under their control. Mayor Dave Anderson, City Attorney Patrick Reavey and several members of the council reminded the Shenks that the city's previous decision stated the dog must be on a leash when outside.

Despite the Shenks claims that their dog has been excelling in obedience training, the council decided that the evidence at hand regarding the dog's dangerous behavior was too strong and ordered her to be removed from city limits. The council granted the Shenks 30 days to find a new home for the dog.


Council to consider removal of aggressive dog from city limits

The De Soto City Council is set to consider a resolution that would require the removal of an alleged aggressive dog from within city limits at its regular meeting tonight.

Neighbors brought concerns about the dog before the council at the May 19 meeting, after which the council granted the dog's owners 30 to build a proper fence and 60 days to get the dog obedience training. The city recently received reports that their orders for the dog's handling were not being followed.

Other items on the agenda include consideration of a re-zoning proposal, possible draining improvements to a property on Willow Lane and posting a parking prohibited sign at the De Soto boat ramp. The full agenda may be downloaded here and full supporting documents are available through the City of De Soto's website.


Zoning amendments approved by city council

The De Soto City Council approved ordinances amending the city's zoning regulations and definitions relating to group living at its regular meeting on Thursday, June 2.

De Soto City Ordinance 2278 approved changes in the definitions of structures, dwellings and living units in order to avoid confusion in the city codes.

"Before these changes, all these terms were used in our city codes somewhat interchangeable and that's not really the case," said City Planner Linda Bohnsack. "The Planning Commission has been working on these updates for about six months now, they're really just some housekeeping in regards to our terms."

Bohnsack also outlined how the new amendments will prepare the city in the event a group home applies to be located in De Soto.

"It's better to have these definitions done ahead of receiving an application rather than try to react once one is submitted," she said. "This way it won't appear as though the city is creating regulations on an individual basis."

The council also took the following actions:

  • approved a temporary use permit for the city's annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration to take place at Riverfest Park on Monday, July 4.
  • approved City Ordinance 2279 redefining terms in city codes relating to open spaces and tract subdividing as per the May 19 council discussions.
  • approved City Ordinance 2280 rejecting city regulations for private landscaping and retaining walls.
  • approved a request to delay collecting the excise tax due on two development plats at Harding Lake until such time that a building permit is requested for the sites.
  • approved a fee waiver for the installation of a second water meter on a property for the purpose of residential sprinkler systems, reducing the cost of installation from $2,500 to $1,500 by removing the additional water development fee.

Councilman Walker to represent De Soto on K-10 Advisory Committee

The De Soto City Council agreed at Thursday's meeting to send Councilman Rick Walker as the city's representative to the Kansas Highway 10 Advisory Committee being formed by Eudora Mayor Scott Hopson.

The committee, once fully formed, will work with the Kansas Department of Transportation to discuss options for reducing the number of accidents on K-10. Hopson pushed for the committee after a double-fatality accident occurred on K-10 outside of Eudora in April and Gov. Sam Brownback ordered KDOT to re-open the study to determine whether or not a cable barrier system is needed on the highway.

Councilman Walker was chosen to represent the city for his experience in traffic studies as a civil engineer for TranSystems Corporations. It was the decision of the council to send a representative as they felt the citizens of De Soto deserved to be included in the ultimate decision regarding the safety of K-10.

"I think our citizens would appreciate [the council] sending a voice to this committee," said councilwoman Lori Murdock. "I know I've received many calls and emails asking what's going on."

"K-10 goes right through the middle of our town, every one of our citizens gets on and off that highway almost daily," said councilman John Krudwig. "I think anything can can be done to improve the safety of those drivers is a good thing."

In addition to Hopson, Walker will join Johnson County Public Works DIrector Mac Andrews and Douglas County Commissioner Nancy Thellman on the committee. Representatives from other municipalities along K-10 have not been announced.

"I'm happy to go listen, learn and share for De Soto," Walker said.


June 2 De Soto City Council Meeting

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Council to discuss zoning ordinance

The De Soto City Council is set to discuss and possibly act on a new city ordinance that would amend the current city codes for group home zoning.

The Council is also set to discuss a temporary use permit for the city's annual Fourth of July fireworks show and to discuss the city's involvement in the Kansas Highway 10 advisory board.

The full agenda and all supporting documents are available on the city's website.


Other Council Actions for May 19

Other actions taken by the De Soto City Council at its May 19 meeting were:

  • accepting the city's 2010 budget audit as reported by Lowenthal, Webb and Odermann, in which the city received high marks for being in excellent financial condition;
  • approving two requests for permission to hunt deer with bow and arrows during the 2011 hunting season, one for 30835 W. 83rd St. and one for 9295 Cedar Creek Rd.;
  • approving a temporary use permit for Beer Thirty to host an outdoor event on Saturday, May 21 as part of a charity motorcycle ride;
  • accepting a bid of $94,971.57 from Vance Brothers of Kansas City for De Soto's 2011 slurry seal project and authorizing City Engineer Mike Brungardt to expand the project to cost the $108K budgeted for the project by including portions of Rik-Mar drive;
  • authorizing city staff to proceed with the city's annual July Fourth fireworks show and $8,000 contract with Wald & Co.; and

  • tabling ordinances amending the city's zoning and subdivision regulations until the next meeting.