Kansans For No Income Tax revs up membership drive

So how much is it worth to recruit members to support Gov. Sam Brownback's effort to cut the state's personal income tax?

Apparently, $4 per person.

Last month, Kansans For No Income Tax sought "short term field directors to build up membership over the holidays," according to an email that has been forwarded to the Lawrence Journal-World.

"This is a temporary position that pays $4 for every member signed up," the email from Craig Allen Harms says. "We are looking to bring on one to two temporary team members through Dec. 31st. Let me know if anyone comes to mind that might need some quick cash and has some time," the email states.

Kansans For No Income Tax is run by Kansas Republican Party operatives.

Brownback, a Republican, will announce his tax plan on Wednesday during his State of the State speech. Brownback has said he wants to cut the state income tax, saying that will spur economic growth.

But Democrats and some Republicans contend the proposal will shift the tax burden to low- and middle-income families or result in a cut in services or both.

By Scott Rothschild


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