Council approves ordinance amending city plumbing code

The De Soto City Council unanimously approved City Ordinance 2292 amending the city's plumbing code at their meeting Thursday night.

The new ordinance calls for sewer backflow prevention devices to be installed in homes at the owners' expense in the following circumstances:

  • when a new home is being built;
  • if a home experiences a sewage back-up directly;
  • when repairs or replacements are being made to an existing residential sewer line; or
  • when home repairs or restorations are done on 25 percent or more of the residence.

Permit fees for the plumbing work will be waived by the city. The change to city codes came about as the result of a residential sewer back-up in March of this year.

The council also granted three temporary use permits to the De Soto Chamber of Commerce for its annual Cookin' on the Kaw barbecue festival and contest, which will take place Friday and Saturday, Oct. 7-8, at Riverfest Park. Event organizers requested and received a noise permit, a cereal malt beverage permit and a permit to use a public space for an event.


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