The De Soto Methodist church's Bingo Night was a great success. Their turn-out was around 1,700 people and they raised enough money to feed more than 125 people this Thanksgiving.

The Agape Circle and the Reading Circle will both meet this week. Their monthly bulletin shows a very, very busy church over the next few weeks.

The De Soto Baptist church had a wonderful ground breaking ceremony on Sunday. In addition to the indoor services we went outside to use golden shovels to move the first piles of dirt. So far more than $100,000 has been donated for the project.

I have a long list of important instructions to precede my pacemaker surgery this week. I have lots of medications to take with me to the hospital that I have to take each day. There are many others on the prayer list this week. Linda Lane's father is in the hospital. Ann Cowan is having very serious surgery in Olathe this week. Matt Woywod was hit by a truck and is very sore but doing well. Doug Burkard is home on leave from the military for the next two weeks. Mason Griffin's dog was hit by a car. Birdie Jones' mother passed away, we send her our sympathy. Roger Cruze's friend died of cancer this week as well. Jason and Lisa Beesley both lost their jobs this week.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Betty Rudd; Leland Penner; Wes Rains; James Collins; Samantha Zvirgzdins; Megan Brooks and my great-grandson Grant Williams.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: Carter and Sally Beck and Archie and Sally Bedford, who are celebrating their 60th.

The needs at the community food pantry this week are: canned meats; peanut butter; jelly; cereal; canned fruits; paper products and baby diapers.


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