The De Soto Methodist church's men's group will have a meeting at 7 a.m. this Saturday, May 21, in the Fellowship Hall. They ask that you call Stephanie at (913) 940-2049 if you would like to attend. On Sunday, May 22, Janice Wilcox will be worship leader and Larry Cox and Bernice Casey will be ushers. The Agape Circle will met at 7 p.m. on Thursday, May 19.

My sister-in-law, Emmaline Freeman, called me Saturday and caught me up on what she and her husband Nelson have been up to. They recently got back from a trip to Arizona.

The De Soto Baptist church had some very full pews on Sunday. We recognized the boys and girls graduating, Rev. Copeland introduced each one.

My son Jerry took me to an orthopedic doctor's appointment last Tuesday for a follow-up visit for my infected hand. My car was acting up the whole time, it just wasn't acting right and kept quitting on us. We had to pull over a lot and Debbie had to come get me while the towing service came and got the car. I hope the car gets repaired before Memorial Day so we can still go to the cemeteries in Missouri like we always do.

Most of my spring cleaning is done. I was fortunate enough to have a friend I've know since childhood come and help with the curtains and windos. She also helped me clean the cabinets and hang some pictures. She also pulled the leaves off the back porch, she filled a huge bag full. My garden has also been plowed and planted by my neighbor, George. I'm looking forward to fresh tomatoes and corn.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Bill Lafferty; Dixie Kurtz; Kerneed Lafferty; Craig Everhart; Jackson DInes; Larry Lochner; Janice Wilcox; Michelle Duprey; Heidi Gutknecht; Kathy Hayden; Tari Thompson; Jennifer McDaniel; Bobby White and Jayme Nelson.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: Roland and Lucille Ohrenberg and my grandson, Bradley, and his wife Colleen.

My daughter, Debbie, mowed the yard this week while her grandson, Hayden, was busy helping his uncle Chris move from Lenexa to Olathe. Chris hopes that in a couple years he will be moving into a place of his own and not just another rental. Debbie cleaned the driveway as well, thanks so much to her.

Hayden hit two home runs last week in his baseball games. I have lots of friends tell me how well he does when he plays.

Kathy Hayden was sick on Sunday and unable to attend Sunday School or worship service. My son Jerry had his toenail removed this week, so he's having to wear sandals everywhere. Mike Bosworth just completed a long drive, he brought his aunt and uncle from Florida back to Kansas. Jeff and Sharon Coatney bought a motor home and are planning a trip soon, they are also thinking of taking a cruise to Alaska with their children. My knee is much better after using bandages, the throbbing pain is gone. Karl and Barbara Beesley are leaving soon to take a vacation to South Carolina. Libby Stone is doing better now. Rose McAnnich has a new grandson, Jack Harrison Miller, who was born on Saturday, May 14.

I'm so fortunate as a mother that all five of my children call me often and come by to help me with things. I couldn't begin to name all they do for me, thanks so much.

As always, I am looking for more Avon customers. I got a new order of brochures last week, if you are interested call me at (913) 585-1326.


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