The De Soto Methodist church is having its Vacation Bible School June 25-29 and is in need of volunteers. This year's VBS will be in the evenings and all children in the community ages 4-12 are invited to participate, pre-registration is requested but not required and forms can be picked up from the church office.

The De Soto Baptist church will be having Vacation Bible School June 20-24 in the afternoons. They also need volunteers, call Karen Wall or Rev. Copeland if you can help out.

The De Soto Relay for Life was very successful. Debbie took her grandson Paul and me and we all had fun. It had been a while since I stopped to think how long it had been since my cancer surgery and realized it's been more than 20 years. I think this is pretty good since my father was only 51 when he died from stomach cancer.

The Hornets baseball team, Hayden's team, played in a tournament in St. Louis over the weekend and won two games. My great-grandson knocked out two home runs. Next week they will play in a tournament in Arkansas, here's hoping and praying they play well.

The De Soto community food pantry is in need of canned tuna this week and Tuna or Hamburger Helper next week. There is always a need for paper products and baby diapers as well.

My son Edwin called me Sunday night and told me that his granddaughter Lisa is in Oregon visiting relatives. She received many awards from her school this year, she completed fifth grade. My son Michael called me too. He lives in Oklahoma and owns a mattress factory. He's coming for a visit this week and bringing me a new bed. My son Carlin in Illinois had an accident recently. He was at a high school track meet and feel from the bleachers and broke his wrist and arm. He's in a cast now and says it's quite painful, please keep him in your prayers.

The prayer list is long this week. Lana McPherson brings a child to church each week and he recently fell and hurt himself. Kathy Hayden is having tests done this week and was unable to attend Sunday School. Donny Parr's cousin was shot to death in Mexico. Jeff Coatney's leg is doing better. Karl Beesley filled the pulpit Sunday, he's been preaching for 68 years.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Reta Jenks; Mary Etta Copeland; Leroy Davis; Ross Stone; Devin Higginboth; Mary Lee Miller; Willard Kessler; my granddaughter Shelly Williams and my daughter Debbie Nalley. The only anniversary I know of this week is Roger and Hazel Verrill's.


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