Street crews buckling down in advance of storm

The De Soto Street Department is pre-treating problem areas and major thoroughfares in preparation for the winter storm expected to hit the area Monday evening. "We've seen a few slick spots already that have needed treatment," said city Street Department Superintendent Ron Creason. "Our crews have been out this morning salting those places, as well as places that ice early, like hills and bridges."

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for Johnson County and most of northeastern Kansas in effect until 6 a.m., Wednesday, Feb. 2. The storm has the potential to drop seven-ten inches of snow in our area with the heaviest snowfall beginning late Monday night into the early hours of Tuesday morning.

"Right now we're really just keeping an eye on the weather forecast," Creason said. "Our crews will start heavy patrolling tonight and will split into two 12-hour shifts in the early-morning hours."

This will be the third time crews have operated on 12-hour shifts this month. Despite multiple storms, the department's supplies and equipment are in good shape.

"We're holding up really well all things considered," Creason said. "Because the last storm was mostly dry snow, not ice, we haven't really had to dip into our salt supplies and we haven't had any equipment issues."


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