One inclement weather date remains in USD 232 calendar

The De Soto USD 232 school district has one remaining inclement weather day built into the current calendar, a date that is likely to be used this week. "The district plans each school year calendar to include four inclement weather days, which has historically been sufficient," said district Director of Administrative Services Alvie Cater in a press release sent out Monday morning. "In contrast, the district did not use any snow days in the 2008-09 school year and decided to end school a few days early in May," the release went on to say.

While classes have yet to be canceled for Tuesday, Feb. 1, Cater says the odds of taking the fourth day are high.

"This storm is likely to be very severe, I believe the National Weather Service used the word 'crippling'," he said.

The decision on Tuesday's classes will be made after district Superintendent Doug Sumner participates in a conference call with the other Johnson County and Kansas City, Kan. superintendents this evening at 8 p.m.

"The Johnson County schools try to close together so the call tonight will give [the superintendents] the opportunity to discuss current conditions in their areas and to make a decision," Cater said.

If the district chooses to use the fourth inclement weather day this week, there is a scheduled date off, Monday, April 25, that can be used. Any inclement weather dates required beyond a fifth date would have to be added to the end of the school calendar, extending the school year.

"Our current calendar has the school year ending on Thursday, May 26" Cater said. "If we need to take a sixth day off we would most likely push that date to Friday, May 27. Any days beyond that would likely mean extending the school year past Memorial Day."

The an extension to the school year would need to be presented to the Board of Education for approval.


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