There are still many prayer concerns even during this time of year. Frances Lawhead, Betty Parr, Pat Lee, Dennis Matthews, Shirley Penner, Myrtle Coker, Don Jewett and Karl Beesley's sister-in-law all need your thoughts and prayers.

The De Soto Methodist church had a very nice Christmas Eve service this past weekend. It was lovely and the programs had all the songs typed out. My visiting relatives and I all attended the service together. It was so nice to see some people that I hadn't seen in quite a while. Pastor Jan Justice came by our pew to say hi and I was able to introduce her to everyone.

The January meeting of the Methodist church trustees has been moved to Monday, Jan. 9. Gil Rumsey will begin a new Bible study on Sunday, Jan. 8. Pastor Jan noted that there are not enough tables and chairs to accomodate all the people that attend the various events and dinners the church hosts and suggested that the trustees look into buy more.

The construction on the new addition to the Baptist church is going well thanks to the good weather we've had lately. The church had their Christmas morning worship services on Sunday and they were lovely. Lucas Walker, Rick Walker and Holly Balch sang wonderful solos and Jonny Copeland played a nice trumpet solo.

The Nalley family celebrated Christmas at Jerry and Linda's home in Overland Park, there were 25 of us present. We had a wonderful time with a great dinner and a gift exchange. We also all went to the worship services at the Methodist church on Christmas Eve, even the family that came in from out of town. It was disappointing that Michael and Linda and their family were unable to come home for the holiday. We were also missing two of my other grandsons and their families who all stayed in Illinois.

Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Paula Jones; Bob Redick; Sean Nalley; Margaret Wycoff; Helen Edwards; Frances Lawhead; Rita Jones; Barbara Matthews; Madeleine Mikinski; Mary Plummer; Nikki Stugget; Alva Mitchell; Bill Whim; Charlene Braley; Doug Weis and Coby Morton.

Those celebrating anniversaries are: John and Barbara Matthews; Jessie and Billy Boyd; Larry and Rose Inman and Sean and Janey Nalley.


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