Council approves vacating right of way on Lexington Avenue

The De Soto City Council approved city ordinance 2288 Thursday evening, calling for the city to vacate the public right of way on the parcel of land on Lexington Avenue sold by the city to a developer with Dollar General.

Vacating the right of way was a condition of the city's selling contract with the developer, according to City Attorney Patrick Reavey. The state originally deeded the right of way to the city when the old Kansas Highway 10 became Lexington Avenue. Reavey also stated that City Engineer Mike Brungardt, who was absent from Thursday's meeting, has plans to reseve a small slice of the land in question for potential future street widening or turn lane addition during the site plan and re-plating process down the line.

The council also approved a resolution increasing fees for retrieving dogs from the city pound, per the council's discussion at the July 21 meeting. The base retrieval fee increased from $10 to $25 and the daily fee increased from $5 to $10.

Other council actions included granting temporary use permits to the De Soto Days Committee for their annual celebration and authorizing Mayor Dave Anderson to sign the $13,774 Flexride Agreement with Johnson County.


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