De Soto district adds new AP courses

Students in the De Soto school district had the opportunity to take three new Advanced Placement, or AP, classes this year as the district added chemistry, psychology and biology to its offerings.

The district is in the midst of a four-year plan to increase AP and Pre-AP course offerings at middle schools and high schools. AP courses prepare students for college-level assignments while allowing them to earn college credit through year-end AP exams. Pre-AP classes serve as professional development opportunities for staff members and prepare students for taking AP courses.

Early enrollment figures had 679 Mill Valley and De Soto high school students taking Pre-AP courses, with five such courses being offered. At the AP level, 511 students are enrolled among 10 classes.

De Soto High School is offering AP chemistry and psychology and Pre-AP science. Mill Valley now has AP chemistry, psychology and biology courses.

The four-year plan will continue until 2013 with AP physics and calculus classes expected for next year in high school and Pre-AP math courses for middle school students. In a news release, the district said it still must determine what additional courses to offer in 2013.

By Stephen Montemayor


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