Starside Elementary summer food program deemed a success by organizers

Starside Elementary's summer food program only ran for 16 days during the summer school program but it provided a free lunch for more than 4,000 students in that short time. The program also provided more than 3,000 free breakfasts to students and sold a total of 29 meals to adults in the community.

"Being the first year for the program, we weren't really sure what to expect but we're very pleased with the results," Director of Student Nutrition Amy Droegemeier told the Board of Education at the July 25 board meeting.

The program, which received state funding, also turned a profit for the district, bringing in $10,654.65. Currently this money has been placed in the food service fund for the district and has not officially been ear-marked. For Droegemeier, the revenue is a pleasant bonus from the program but was never the purpose.

"We didn't do this (the program) to make money, we were doing it to help the kids of our district and our community, the money is just a nice extra."


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