The De Soto United Methodist Women have scheduled a "work day" for next Saturday, June 26, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall to make Bierocks for their food booth at De Soto Days on July 10. I hope I get to have one of them, I've never tasted them and I hear so much praise of them. They're always gone quickly. If you've never baked one you should join them, I can't with my condition but I'm willing to buy one. The De Soto Baptist Church had its Vacation Bible School "High Seas" program on Sunday, June 20, during the worship hour. Karen Wall led the presentations. We had three children march in with the American flag and the Christian flag and the Bible, the VBS children and the congregation gave the pledges. A group gave a presentation in a song they'd learned and four children took the offering with myself giving the blessing. Karen led the pre-school children on the stage through songs and memory verses. The memory verses stressed that God's Word is true, comforting, surprising, life-changing and is for everyone. We had a good attendance and wonderful workers and helpers in all classes. They are to send the blankets and coloring books to overseas children. We will make a cash donation to our mission in Oklahoma. Rev. Richard Copeland in his ship captain's uniform and Ross Stone did dramas every day to emphasize the Bible story for that day. We had excellent crafts and refreshments and videos and Bible stories and games. Thanks to all who made this week memorable.

The De Soto Baptist Church recognized the fathers in attendance Sunday. They had many there with the VBS program. They also had a reception for them on the front lawn at the church after worship services and they had them shake hands with everyone leaving. They served punch and cookies to them and anyone else that wanted some.

The decorations for this theme of High Seas Expedition on the stage of the sanctuary was outstanding. We've offered some of it to any church to use . Danny Lane is quite an artist and dressed each day to the theme. Also, the cooks provided food according to the daily menu needs, Mary Jo McDaniels was in charge of crafts. The spider the last day caught my attention.

Karl and Barbara Beasley's daughter had a baby boy, he weighed five lbs., eight oz., making them grandparents. Karl is a retired minister but he will be filling the pulpit next Sunday, June 27, for Rev. Copeland, who will be on vacation.

Jeff Coatney has a leg infection and needs our prayers. His sister's husband Bob has sinus cancer too.

The adult Sunday School Class at the Baptist Church has grown and Jeff Coatney is teacher and prints out the lessons each week and opens the class up to share concerns and joys each week. Birdie shared today that her daughter is expecting a baby.

I've got to lay down with my leg elevated several hours a day. I go to the doctor again tomorrow.

Those having birthdays this week are: Wayne Loglise; June Davison; Lisa Schmucker; Ron Hooper; Adam Wilcox; Linda Lane; Sondra Martinez; Joe Kessler and my granddaughter in Illinois, Karla Modelski.

Those having anniversaries are: Mike and Tammy Mikinski; Mary and Bill Plummer; Nick and Diane Taylor; John and Sharon Zoellner; Doug and Audrey Tiedman; Curt and Amy Culver; Bruce and Nicole Yarbrough; Mike and Bonnie Montgall and Jim and Katharine Ingalls. The list was longer than usual on these two items. June is the month of blushing brides!

The De Soto Community Food Pantry needs Hamburger or Tuna Helper, canned beans, sugar, cereal and crackers, cleaning supplies and paper products. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and baby supplies are also needed.

Those on the sick list are: Sally Beck, who had surgery this past week and was able to attend worship services Sunday; Carrie Shilling; Wilma Mann's granddaughter; Billie Boyd, who was back in Sunday School and worship services after her illness of several weeks. The families of Kirk Johnson and John Zvirgzin need our prayers. I too, am in need of prayers for my left leg and foot. The swelling hasn't left and it is still broken out in the area. The prescription cream I've been putting on has helped. I go back to the doctor this week. I'm trying to keep in elevated and also doing the exercises the physical therapist has ordered.

My friends and former neighbors, Roger and Hazel Verrill, came to see me this week and brought me delicious salmon cakes. I didn't share them either!

Sympathy goes to the Zola Stephan family in the wake of her passing away. She was a dear friend for many years. Larry and Michelle and family have our love.

Sympathy goes to the family of John Weaver as well.


egarcia 7 years, 5 months ago

We made a mistake in an earlier version of this story. The United Methodist Women will not be making big rocks, but Bierocks, which Dianne Ellenberger said is "a German recipe with a mixture of fried hamburger, cabbage, onion and seasonings with a dough wrapped around it and baked."

That sounds more delicious than big rocks.

Sorry for the mistake.


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