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mavmannate 7 years, 2 months ago

I think the bicycles on the road should be insured and tagged just like a car if they are going to be permited to use the roads. And have head lights and back light. A vehicle can't legaly drive on the streets unless it is insured, registered, and tagged which pays some of the bills for street repais/maintenence etc. Yet the City/County/State/whatever uses money to allow these "bikers" to use OUR roads that WE pay for like its a public park or something. I'm willing to share, but I'm against having tax dollars go to the use for them for free, AND at my risk. It is dangerous for them to use the same roads we use. I am sure since we all live in desoto for the most part, we use K10 to commute, and we have all seen the mopeds that go 50 mph while everyone else is going 75 and 90 percent of the cars swerve around him and almost cause a wreck.... Well its the same thing. Not only 83rd is a death wish to ride on because its narrow and people drive 55/60mph on that all the time. But to ride on a normal road still isn't safe. It's just not. I feel its going to get to a point where its a "ride at your own risk", and one of these days, someone in desoto is going to be going 45/50mgp on 83rd and they are going to hit someone and be charged with involentary manslaughter plus having to know you killed someone...

The only way we can avoid the HIGH risk (not elimate it) is to force them to use the sidewalks where possible and start creating the side lane for a bike rider (which is very close to getting hit as well).

Friends dont let bike riders ride on streets!


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