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Fourth-graders at Starside celebrate Kansas Day

Fourth-graders at Starside Elementary celebrated Kansas Day and Kansas' 150th birthday by discussing Kansas history, state symbols and creating their own state flags on Friday, Jan. 28. Kansas state curriculum for fourth grade has a strong emphasis on Kansas history and culture, according to fourth-grade teacher and life-long Kansas resident John Yokum. "I can remember celebrating Kansas Day when I was a kid in school and I like to do that for my students too," Yokum said.

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Katelyn Drennon, a student in John Yokum's fourth-grade class at Starside Elementary, colors the sky ...

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Chase Carter, a fourth-grader at Starside Elementary, colors in the sky on the Great Seal ...

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Fourth-grade teacher John Yokum holds up a sunflower cut out by student Ellie Fowks for ...

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Starside Elementary fourth-grader Hope Walmsley glues her yellow letters spelling 'Kansas' to a piece of ...


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