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DHS drivers very safe, according to Safe Kids Kansas

De Soto High School was host to the Bucks for Buckles driving safety reminder program sponsored by the Safe Kids Kansas program on Friday morning, Sept. 10. For one hour, before classes began, a group of student volunteers, with the help of school social worker Joe Kordalski, Johnson County sheriff's deputy Ed Blake and Safe Kids Kansas workers, stopped cars coming into the DHS parking lot to see if drivers were wearing their seat belts. Drivers who were were rewarded with Smarties candies and $1 bills, those who weren't were given a Dum-Dum sucker and a fact sheet on the benefits of wearing a seat belt. More than 600 people went through the check-points in just under an hour and only 5 were unrestrained.

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The Bucks for Buckles safety event sponsored by Safe Kids Kansas saw more than 600 ...

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Safe drivers wearing their seat belts during Friday morning's Bucks for Buckles safety reminder at ...

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Junior Caitlin Walker hands some Smarties candy and a $1 bill to a fellow student ...

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During the Bucks for Buckles safety reminder at De Soto High School on Friday morning, ...

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De Soto High School senior Beth Reichenberger refills her apron with Smarties candies during the ...

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DHS junior Heidi Katt volunteered to dress up as a crash-test dummy during Friday morning's ...


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