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From the back yard to the table: local family enjoys fresh eggs

The Thomasson family of De Soto has been raising chickens in their backyard for the past three years and until recently they had no idea it was against old city ordinances. A recent decision by the De Soto City Council has approved the raising of fowl in residential neighborhood, meaning the Thomasson's can keep their birds. "We were so stressed when we received the letter [stating our chickens were illegal] from the city so we're very happy the ordinances have been changed," Brandy Thomasson.

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A grassy perimeter around the Thomasson's shed has been fenced in for their eight hens ...

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Thomasson's hens lay an egg a day and with eight hens that adds up quickly. ...

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The Thomasson's chickens have an indoor hutch with a "chicken-door" to their fenced-in portion of ...

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Jeff and Brandy Thomasson and their 9 year-old daughter Brooklyn stand around the pen for ...

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Wally the rooster, or Shelly, depending on who in the family you ask, is the ...


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