What’s your favorite part of the Super Bowl?

February 4, 2010

Kathy Ross ( in De Soto ) says...

I like the game. We don’t party. I’m wanted Brett Farve would get in there. I’m yelling for Peyton Manning.

Bob Garrett ( in De Soto ) says...

It’s got to the point anymore I don’t even care about it because it’s so commercial. Technically, I like the Bud Light commercials.

Darrel Zimmerman ( in De Soto ) says...

Commercials. I really get a kick out of watching those. They put a lot of big bucks trying to come up with the best one.


Leota Fruit 6 years, 11 months ago on What’s your favorite part of the Super Bowl?

The commercials. If the Chiefs ever get to play the Super Bowl again I would like that better and even better if they would WIN the Super Bowl.,


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