Do you favor planting trees as part of the downtown streetscape improvement plan?

June 11, 2009

Max Atwell ( in De Soto) says...

I’m kind of a tree person. I think they should have trees long as they plant the right trees that don’t get too overly large and grew up from the bottom a ways so they don’t block views from automobiles.

Karin Mitchell ( in Owner of the Bleu Tomato, De Soto) says...

Absolutely. Anytime the sun shines on the west side, it’s an oven in here. Anything to beautify the area, I’m for.

Diana Zwaheln ( in De Soto) says...

It depends if you want to a warm look or cool look. I like the trees. I think if you want revitalization, you plant the trees. I moved here for the trees.


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