Earlier this month, the De Soto City Council agreed not to rescind the ban on bicycles on 83rd Street east of Kill Creek Road until after it was resurfaced later this year. Should the ban be lifted?

July 16, 2009

Bob Garrett ( in De Soto ) says...

I think it would be a good idea. I think it will connect us to the outside world. When it’s all done, I think they need to revisit it and find a solution for it.

Linda Zindler ( in De Soto) says...

I would think it would be a good time to open it up. There’s no other route to get to western Johnson County from the east. Put up signage and share the road.

Diana Zwahlen ( in De Soto) says...

My answer would be no. Those hills are blind anyway. If you come up on a truck and a bicycle at the same time, there’s nowhere to go. If you think of the population before ban and now, it’s a scary situation.


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