Do you support moves in the Kansas Legislature to ban smoking in public places?

February 19, 2009

Photo of Duke Neeland

Duke Neeland ( in De Soto) says...

I used to be a smoker. Now I’m a non-smoker. I would whole-heartedly support it. I don’t think it’s right the rest of us have to breathe second-hand smoke.

Kay Speed ( in De Soto) says...

I’m sorry it inconveniences smokers, but I do believe we should have a no-smoking policy in the state. I don’t like to subject my children to second-hand smoke.

Linda Zindler ( in De Soto) says...

For health reasons, I would agree with it because it’s been proven there is a direct correlation between second-hand smoking and health. As far as the government mandating it, that’s where it gets tricky. But it is the future.


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