Do you agree with Johnson County’s agreement to review a planned Kill Creek/Homestead Road alignment of a future north-south arterial road?

April 16, 2009

Pat Atchison ( in De Soto) says...

I would say the first priority if its going to be 20 years is that it ought to go through Sunflower, because that’s going to be a big development ultimately and there is nothing going through there.

Bob Garrett ( in De Soto ) says...

There needs to be a whole lot more study of what the impact will be to the people living there and the county needs to upfront about why they are pushing this.

Max Atwell ( in De Soto) says...

I truly believe we need a good north-south road. The big problem is the alignment to the Kill Creek and 95th Street intersection. It will be a very expensive alignment for the city if they don’t get help from the county and state.


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