Letters to the editor

Market’s closing will leave gap
September 20, 2007
How many times have you walked into Morse Market and heard the infectious laugh of Marge Morse and seen that ear-to-ear smile of Ted Morse?
Conservation is supposed to pay
September 6, 2007
Early childhood center needed
September 6, 2007
Bond’s passage important to all
September 6, 2007
Bond would hurt fixed incomes
September 6, 2007
A second chance
August 23, 2007
Just 32 votes short of passing last November, the school bond issue is back giving us a much needed second chance to do right by our children, schools and communities. The De Soto USD 232 Board of Education focused only on the district’s most dire needs; cutting the previous $105.7 million bond issue by a third. Voters will be presented with two separate questions: Proposition No. 1 for $51 million and Proposition No. 2 for $19.5 million. Please visit the bond issue section at www.USD232.org to see details of the proposed projects.
Bond addresses safety
August 23, 2007
I am so excited about the current bond issue in the De Soto USD 232 School District. I have children at Clear Creek Elementary and Mill Valley High schools and have become accustomed to the secure main entrances at our elementary and middle schools and am so pleased that security entrances will be added to both of the high schools and Lexington Trails Middle School.
Johnson’s position troubling
August 16, 2007
Randy Johnson’s comments regarding the upcoming bond issue make me wonder whether he has ever been part of a team. I hope he will remember that working together is what gets the end result. Does he realize that our children’s education and future are at stake?
Service helps thousands
August 2, 2007
The Audio-Reader Network, the radio reading service for the blind and visually impaired in Kansas and Missouri, would like the citizens of De Soto to know how grateful we are to The De Soto Explorer for donating a newspaper subscription .
Lights glaring for drivers
July 26, 2007
I think the city council made the right decision and I hope it holds up as to restricting payday loan businesses and their gaudy signs. I just wish they had paid as much attention to the new storage units at 95th Street and Lexington Avenue.heir security lights shine right in a driver’s eyes at night.Why didn’t they aim them at the building instead of at the road and our eyes? The sign is almost as glaring, and I consider the sign to be gaudy and unattractive.
Mail Call: Pope is wrong
July 19, 2007
The pope’s infallibility leaves room for questions.
Rental inspections favor illegal immigrants
June 28, 2007
With the passing of the rental inspection program, the De Soto City Council has joined hands with all levels of legislature in failing the citizens of this country.
Farm bill about security
June 21, 2007
As I have been watching the debate recently over the 2007 Farm Bill, both rhetoric in Congress and in the media, I have become very concerned about the lack of concern amongst my fellow Americans.
Spruce up for 150th celebration
June 21, 2007
ou may have heard that this is the year the city of De Soto turns 150. Happy sesquicentennial De Soto. The city wants to take this time to ask for your assistance to take pride and to help make the city of De Soto a cleaner, safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and presentable place to live.