Letters to the editor

Council made right choice with park bid
January 10, 2008
Last month, the De Soto City Council did the right thing when it chose a local business to do the first work on the new city park in the West Bottoms on the Kansas River even though the bid was higher than one from out of town.
The Salvation Army needs help
December 20, 2007

As you pass by our red kettles this holiday season or see an envelope in your local newspaper, please keep The Salvation Army in mind. The gifts you give go to help our local volunteers deliver emergency assistance to those in need throughout your community all year long.

Support tobacco bill
November 29, 2007
With 4,000 children trying their first cigarette every day, the tobacco industry spending nearly $40 million every day on egregious marketing tactics. Declines in smoking rates among both children and adults stalling indicate we’re on the wrong path toward decreasing the terrible burden tobacco has on our country.
Know diabetes risks
November 29, 2007
During American Diabetes Month, the American Diabetes Association is focusing on the “Many Faces of Diabetes.” Nearly 21 million children and adults have diabetes and an additional 54 million are at-risk for developing type 2 diabetes.
Thieves darken holidays
November 21, 2007
This letter is to the thieves who have stolen Halloween and Christmas yard decorations from our yard. You know who you are, and that is plain old thieves.
Work together
November 21, 2007
It’s time for the entire De Soto USD 232 Board of Education to accept the wisdom from High School Musical “We’re all in this together.”
Clarity lacking
November 21, 2007
After reading the editorial in the Nov. 15 De Soto Explorer about basing the Starside Elementary School project on need and cost, I was confused about some points.
Bring it downtown
November 1, 2007
Ouch! Again a reader of the De Soto Explorer, a councilman no less, has chosen to attack me and articles I have written. He states I think everything is bad in city government, the chamber and the Economic Development Council and after weeks of complaining I have offered nothing to correct either the problem nor any fresh ideas.
Sharing the holiday spirit
October 25, 2007
Very soon we’ll be surrounded by billboards, television commercials, radio ads and songs urging us into the holiday spirit. And many of us will wonder just what — apart from carols, food, gifts, glitz, overspending and planning frenzies — that spirit is all about. Sure there’s more?
Revitalization shouldn’t mean condemnation
October 18, 2007
I personally don’t have a problem with beautifying the downtown area to make it more attractive for new business. I do have a problem with the word revitalization as it is a catch word that government uses to disguise condemnation.
Good people do live in Kansas
October 18, 2007
Every day I remind my children “what goes around, comes around.” You “do the right thing,” without expectation of reward, and you “take care of people” just as you want them to take care of you” and to “Pay it Forward” by doing good deeds to others.
River front park no draw
October 4, 2007
Evidently, my letter The De Soto Explorer recently on Morse Market closing offended one of its readers. Maybe it was poor communication on my part. The reader I assume thought I meant to use the park money to subsidize the store. That wasn’t the case. The gist of the letter was the lack of concern from government and business leaders for the closing of the grocery store and more concern for a river front park.
Letter: Blankenship
Share your ideas
September 27, 2007
Letter: Zimmerman
Shop locally solution to business retention
September 27, 2007
I will miss Morses’ Market when it closes for many of the same valid reasons expressed in a letter in the Sept. 20 De Soto Explorer. I have known the Morse family all my life, beginning with Ted’s grandfather as our families were both farmers of the Kansas River Valley.