Letters to the editor

Letter: School seeking Kansas items
October 26, 2011
The fourth grade at Aviston Elementary in southern Illinois is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources and highlights found in each region.
Letter to the editor: Be cautious about scams
March 30, 2011
Remember, if it seems odd or raises red flags, please think carefully before responding. If you have any qualms about sending information or money to a stranger, please call the FBI.
Letter: Missed Opportunity
December 17, 2009
As a resident of Lenexa who lives adjacent to De Soto’s eastern boundary along 83rd Street, I was invited to the May 7 DeSoto City Council Meeting to hear the proposal for resurfacing 83rd Street from Kill Creek Road to De Soto’s eastern limit
Letter to the Editor: Share holiday spirit
October 29, 2009
Soon, we’ll be surrounded by billboards, TV commercials and songs urging into the “holiday spirit.” Many of us will wonder what — apart from carols, food, gifts, glitz, overspending and planning frenzies — that spirit is all about?
City came through on Fourth
July 9, 2009
This is a letter that I felt compelled to write after the city of De Soto’s Fourth of July celebration. First and foremost, I was elated, to say the least.
Letter: Healthy downtown needs more than sidewalks
July 9, 2009
There were four De Sotoans present at last Thursday’s De Soto City Council meeting who were not city staff or elected officials. My special reason for attending the meeting was to hear and to view first-hand the completed design for the improvement of our two-block downtown business district.
Letter: Downtown upgrades useless without grocery store
July 9, 2009
Until De Soto has a grocery store it won’t do any good to try to attract other new businesses. As long as De Soto residents have to drive several miles to do grocery shopping or to work, they will shop and buy in the areas where they do grocery shopping.
Letter: De Soto parks and rec praised
July 2, 2009
I was a T-ball coach this summer and very impressed with the facilities offered by De Soto Parks and Recreation. The fields were immaculately maintained, showing the results of hard work, dedication and professionalism by parks and recreation employees.
Letter: Enjoyed Country Concert
July 2, 2009
On Saturday, June 20th I attended the De Soto Chamber of Commerce Country Concert at Riverfest Park with friends and family.
Letter: Signage ordinance restrictive
June 18, 2009
Charlie the Tuna represented Star Kist Tuna in television commercial beginning in 1961. He was always trying to learn good taste. But the answer was always the same: “Sorry, Charlie. Star Kist wants tuna that tastes good, not tuna with good taste.”
Letter: Election becomes political
April 2, 2009
Last week, we received two calls asking us to vote for Janine Gracy and Larry Meyer for the De Soto USD 232 Board of Education because they are both “good Democrats.” Since when did BOE elections become political party issues?
Letter: Pickert has qualities needed on city council
February 26, 2009
De Soto City Council Primary will reduce a field of 11candidates to six when the votes are counted Tuesday.
Letter: Take action against negligent pet owners
February 26, 2009
Spring, summer, and fall are beautiful times in De Soto. I enjoy leaving my windows open when the temp is nice and mild. However, the number of dogs that are permanently outside in this town is terrible.
Letter: Voter Responsibility
February 12, 2009
Your job as a voter in this election is to get to know the candidates running for De Soto City Council. You must decide will they be an effective advocate for De Soto’s particular needs? Does the candidate have the intelligence and experience to handle zoning and other sensitive legislative issues?
Letter: Morse will be missed
February 5, 2009
I recently read in The DeSoto Explorer that Ted Morse wouldn’t be running for the De Soto City Council position he now holds. Ted, for whatever reasons known only to him, has decided to move on leaving us without a rational voice on the council.