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KU says door-to-door solicitors in metro area aren’t working on behalf of university

May 13, 2011

Kansas University says door-to-door sales of magazines, supposedly to fund university-related functions, are not legitimate.

In a news release today, the university said it has received reports of people posing as KU students and selling magazine subscriptions in the Kansas City area. The individuals have claimed to be Edwards Campus students and that they are selling the subscriptions to raise funds for needy schoolchildren or to fund School of Music trips.

KU’s Public Safety Office urges the public to exercise precaution if they are approached by such individuals. Anyone making door-to-door sales should have a solicitor’s license and be able to present it if questioned. Do not allow anyone you do not know into your home and do not give personal information to strangers.

Individuals should also contact their local police department if they believe someone is soliciting illegally.


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