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DA warns of asphalt scam

September 20, 2010

Johnson County District Attorney Stephen M. Howe is warning consumers of traveling asphalt contractors in the Johnson County area.

The District Attorney’s Office received a call from a consumer within the last week concerned about an individual who knocked on his door offering to do asphalt work for a significantly reduced price.

Howe said the practice was consistent with other home-repair scams the District Attorney’s Office has seen in the past.

Typically “contractors” with out-of-state license plates knock on a homeowner’s door indicating they can do asphalt work for a nominal fee, often thousands less than competitors. Unfortunately, he said, what often occurs is that inferior materials are used, and/or the labor is of poor quality. Traveling contractors often prey on the elderly who may be in the home alone, and intimidated by the situation.

When hiring a contractor who appears unsolicited, Howe encourages consumers to contact their local city authorities to determine if the contractor has a door-to-door sales license and/or a license to conduct business within their city.

Anyone who is suspicious of any type of activity or believes he or she may be a victim of a door-to-door scam, Howe said, should your local police department and then follow up with the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office at (913) 715-3003.


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