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Spring Training: Starside Running Club

March 11, 2010

Students at Lexington Trails Middle School and De Soto High School recently began spring sports practices.

And students at Starside aren’t being left behind.

Last week, fourth- and fifth-grade students began the spring session of the school’s running club.

The club teaches students healthy exercise habits every Tuesday and Thursday before or after school.

Toni Cook, Starside physical education teacher and club leader, said the group began in 2002 and has been meeting each fall and spring since.

“We have close to 80 kids total,” she said. “They are pretty consistent in coming. Some can only come one day a week.”

Mackenzi Smith, fifth-grader, began participating in the running club last year.

“You get exercise and it makes you healthy,” she said.

The group gets together to run outside or in the school’s hallways for 45-minutes to an hour at each session.

Grant Eaton, fourth-grader, said the group was a great way to stay active.

“It gives a lot of exercise and it’s fun running around,” he said. “Some friends are here and I can talk to them.”

Mackenzi said she also enjoyed seeing friends at running club.

“I like to talk to my friends that I don’t get to talk to during school,” she said. “And running outside is fun.”

Students begin each session with stretches and simple exercises such as lunges or wall sits. On nice days, the students will run to and around the track by Lexington Trials or run around the perimeter of De Soto High School.

The group sets goals and competes in a 5K race at the end of each season, Cook said.

“Hopefully students will get a love for running,” Cook said. “There are kids with all levels of fitness. Some walk and others run. The students can go at their own pace. Some kids will run around the track six times, other will only do two times.”

Grant said the running club was great for exercise.

“It gives you exercise and makes you stronger and healthier,” he said. “It helps you stay and get in better shape. Plus it’s a lot of fun.”

Cook said the group also serves as a way for students to be involved, when they might not have the opportunity otherwise.

“It gives a lot of kids an opportunity to be in a group,” she said.

This spring the group will take part in the Run for Mercy 5K, but until then the students will run De Soto.


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