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JoCo Heritage Trust Fund grant application process starts

March 11, 2010

OLATHE— The application process for the 2010 Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund Grant Program is under way.

The program is making available $250,000 for eligible organizations to apply for local history and heritage grants.

Completed applications must be delivered to the Grants Division of the Johnson County Department of Budget and Financial Planning by 5 p.m. Monday, April 12, for consideration by the Johnson County Heritage Trust Fund Grant Review Board.

In 2009, the grant program authorized $250,000 for 12 historical projects in eight cities.

The trust fund was established by the Johnson County Board of Commissioners in 1991 to preserve the heritage and history of Johnson County. Projects that promote historical activity in the county are invited to apply for funding grants.

Governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations in Johnson County are eligible to apply for grants.

Applicants must meet the requirements set forth in the policies and procedures. The seven-member grant review panel reviews and recommends projects for funding to the Board of County Commissioners.

Trust fund revenue is derived from a 1-cent increase in mortgage registration fees that is in surplus of the amount Johnson County is required to contribute to the Kansas Heritage Trust Fund, established by the Kansas Legislature in 1990. That legislation created the state fund to support the preservation of historic properties in Kansas. It also provided that no county would contribute more than $100,000 to the state fund annually.

Review of the applications by the grant board will occur in June. Recommendations for recipients of 2010 Heritage Trust Fund Grants will be made to the Board of County Commissioners by either late July or early August for final approval.

More information, including an application form , is available at or by contacting Kenneth Watt, grants manager, at (913) 715-0561.


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