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Siren test moved to March 9

March 3, 2010

There is nothing wrong with your hearing today. The monthly tornado siren test, which happens on the first Wednesday of the month, has been moved to March 9.

The March 9 siren test will be a part of a statewide tornado drill for both Kansas and Missouri. The sirens will be tested at 1:30 p.m. The drill will also be a part of the National Weather Services Severe Weather Awareness Week, March 8-12, for the state.

Nick Crossley, director of the Johnson County emergency management and homeland security department, wrote in an e-mail that there have been some changes made to the weather service’s tornado safety rules.

He said old rules about not trying to outrunning a tornado in your car have changed.

• If you can drive away from the tornado, do so. On average tornadoes move from one location to another at 35-45 mph so driving away though be the first course of action.

• If you can't drive away from the tornado (as in the case of driving directly towards the tornado on a divided highway, or stuck in slow moving traffic), abandon your vehicle and seek shelter in a nearby sturdy structure such as a house or other well built structure.

• If no buildings are available, there really are no good options. At this point every person needs to decide for themselves whether they will a) remain in their car with their seatbelt buckled, leaning down to get below the window line, or b) abandon the vehicle for the shelter of a culvert or lay flat, face down in a ditch or low spot.


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