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Johnson County Sheriff’s Department closes Olathe jail for remodel

January 4, 2010

OLATHE-The Johnson County Jail located in Olathe is closed effective immediately. All inmates and staff have been transferred to the Johnson County jail located in New Century, Kansas.

The consolidation of both jails into the New Century facility is expected to produce $4.5 million dollars in savings through deferred hiring and a reduction in farming inmates out to other counties. The closure of the Olathe facility will last approximately two years while the jail is remodeled into an Intake and Reception Center. The remodeled Olathe jail will be where all agencies in the county will bring arrestees to be booked, processed and held for up to 72 hours before being either released or housed at the New Century jail.

The Olathe Jail has been operating 24 hours per day for almost 22 years since opening in August, 1988.  This is the largest renovation to the facility since its opening. With the 554 bed addition to the Phase II facility in New Century, the Sheriff’s Office is able to move all inmates from the Olathe facility and bring back farmout inmates being housed in county jails around the State of Kansas. This closure is in part possible due to the current numbers of inmates that are in custody. In the last week of 2009, the inmate population averaged 771 and the current available bed space at the New Century Jail totals 818.

The cost of the remodel will be approximately $25,000,000 and will include technology upgrades, infrastructure upgrades, exterior upgrades and enlarging of the booking, intake and classifications areas to accommodate the over 17,000 inmates booked annually into the Johnson County Jails.


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