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Legislation to ban texting while driving nod to common sense

February 4, 2010

Last week, a bill was reviewed in a Kansas Senate committee that would fine drivers sending or reading a text message up to $500 and sentence them to as much as a month in jail. Meanwhile, a bill introduced in the Kansas House will place a $100 fine on the activity.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but it appears stupidity births much legislation.

It doesn’t take a refresher course in driver’s education to understand any activity that takes a driver’s hands from the steering wheel, eyes from the road and mind from the task at hard is foolhardy. Studies have shown the much less distracting talking on cell phones behind the wheel to be as hazardous as drinking and driving.

No, the legislation won’t put an end to the texting while driving, but a steep fine and strict enforcement combined with escalating consequences to repeat offenders should get the message through to all but the the self-absorbed or self-important that the activity is unacceptable.

The proposed legislation would at least make violators aware of the hazard and place greater liability on those who forego common sense.


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