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MARC announces local carpool braniacs

April 20, 2010

Brian Showen of De Soto and Amy Bichelmeyer of Eudora may be the smartest carpoolers in the area. At least for today.

This afternoon, the Mid–America Regional Council announced the winners of its brainiest carpool contest for Tuesday.

The pair were chosen as the winners after submitting correct answers to daily questions sent to all 74 registered carpools in the Kansas City metro area.

For their correct answer, Showen and Bichelmeyer won $25 gift cards to O’Reilly Auto Parts.

The 74 carpools represent 185 commuters in the greater Kansas City area. They are competing in the region’s first ever Smartest Carpool contest, hosted by MARC’s RideShare program. The contest runs April 19–23, challenging area carpools to tackle transportation trivia on the morning commute for a chance to be entered in daily prize drawings.

For more information on how to join or start a carpoool, visit MARC's RideShare website.

Tuesday’s questions, with the correct answers in bold, were:

• MARC’s Total Transportation Policy Committee, a regional committee of local elected and other transportation officials, is charged with:

a. Making decisions and policies related to multi-modal transportation for the Kansas City region, including how federal transportation funds are to be used in the region

b. Operating as a forum for state and federal officials to communicate with local officials and representatives

c. Providing a forum for citizens and members of the business community to address local officials about transportation-related issues

d. All of the above

• What new Kansas City structure will be 316 feet high, use 14 million pounds of steel and have a front span of 550 feet?

Answer: The Christopher S. Bond bridge, which will replace the Paseo Bridge

• What physical effects do elevated ozone levels cause?

d. Coughing

e. Wheezing

f. Sleepiness

g. Difficulty breathing

h. All of the above

f. A, b and d


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